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Guilt And Redemption

Jason slumbers drunkenly (and with very clean white socks!) while Tim calls Lyla from a phone in the hall. He tries to explain all this surgery business to her but all she can say is that Jason's parents are worried sick. Lyla asks what TIm wants her to do and he asks her to come down to Mexico. She laughs at the request and then the line goes quiet. Lyla moves the phone from her ear to check to see if she's still connected (nice detail) and then Tim speaks: "I swear Jason's gonna die if he goes through with this." He says he's never asked for anything from her, but that she's the only one that can help him talk Jason out of this.

The Taylors are having dinner when there's a knock on the door. Eric answers and finds MacGregor on his doorstep. MacGregor congratulates Taylor for how things worked out just the way Eric wanted them to. Taylor plays dumb and MacGregor delivers a canned speech about how he's coached for a long time and been fired before and probably will be again, but that he's never been screwed by another coach. Taylor continues to play dumb and MacGregor tells him to stop lying to him right at his own front door. Oooh, this is tough. MacGregor tells Eric that he needs to remember that he has a family, too. He says he hasn't seen the last of him. Eric closes the door and locks eyes with Tami. I really like this development, the moral compromise of our almost infallible hero.

In case you didn't pick up on that theme, the last scene underscores it for you as Eric peeks at a sign in the Panther locker room that declares, "Character Is Who You Are When No One's Watching." That means my character is a sweatpants-clad, crazy-haired, nail biter. Eric goes into the room where his players wait and get right down to business. He asks if they've heard him and they respond "Yes, sir." But, Eric hasn't heard them. So they reply, "YES, sir." But he still has not heard them so they shout, "YES SIR!!!" Who knew I could be such a sucker for locker room clich├ęs? Love it.

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Friday Night Lights




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