Friday Night Lights

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Guilt And Redemption

Credits. Lyla goes through security to get into a juvenile detention center, along the way getting harassed and seeing pimply-faced thugs getting pressed up against walls and searched. Cut to inside, where she is finishing up a God-spiel. Shaky-voiced she says, "And so those are just some of the reasons why, um, its helpful, um, to make choices in our lives with, um, Jesus in our lives." The entire audience of boys groans. The chaperone tells them to quiet down and then asks if anyone has questions. Why, yes, one young prince does! "What color panties are you wearing?!" High fives all around while the chaperone sort of chuckles and then tells the kid that he just got "five points." Then comes a voice from off the side. He's got a real question. Sure he's a tough kid, but he's just had a series of bad breaks. You might even say his only problem is that he was born on the wrong side of the street. He's street smart and rolls with the punches. You might say he asks the right questions but always gets the wrong answers. One other thing you might say is: very boring. He asks Lyla if God is so great, why are there wars and stuff? Why is Tony's mom always getting drunk and beating on him? Lyla just stutters and mumbles, telling him he's asked a good question. He interrupts her and says that "you people" are always coming in and lecturing them, but the truth is, if they ever ran into the juvies on the street, they'd run the other way. Well maybe not if they ran into you, you Underwear Model Street Tough, you.

At the Taylors', Tami lays on the couch with Gracie on her chest watching the TMU game. Julie approaches her, seemingly sweet at first, and asks if her mom can take her out to practice driving. Tami mumbles "not right now" and Julie pushes, getting snottier by the second. Tami turns to her and snots right back that she's not doing it right now, that Julie doesn't get whatever she wants whenever she wants it. Julie starts in on how everything is about Grace these days, calling the baby "The Blob." Hey watch it, kid, everyone knows that moniker is reserved for Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. I think Angelina trademarked it and shit. Their voices are slowly rising, and Grace starts crying, like "Ladies! Come on! What about the sisterhood? We'll never have a female President at this rate!" Julie is off the rails now, yelling about how her mom is planning on keeping her grounded and not letting her drive and not letting her date anyone. Tami is like, "What are you talking about?" but Julie just spits that she's going to go date The Swede just to spite her mom and then shouts "I hate you!" over her shoulder as she storms off. So, so good.

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Friday Night Lights




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