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Guilt And Redemption

In Mexico, Tim and Jason sit in their hotel room watching TV. Tim wants to make some memories (probably of the mammary persuasion). Apparently they have a bag with ten thousand dollars in it, which instantly makes me so, so nervous. Tim, looking like he's on his fortieth Tecate, gets up and declares that they're going out. Jason says they aren't but in this scenario, Drunk trumps Paralyzed and so Tim hoists Jason up off the bed like a sack of potatoes and the whole thing is quite cute.

At TMU, Eric is giving his notice. He tells the Head Coach it's for personal reasons, then nods to acknowledge when asked that he knew Tami was pregnant when he accepted the job. Eric starts in on his whole strategic withdrawal plan, that he'll split his time for the next few weeks. Head Coach interrupts to say that Eric needs to make sure this is what he wants; Eric says he "has to" and his hair is looking rather muffled so it is hard to tell exactly what Eric Taylor is thinking in this scene. The head coach tells Eric to turn in his ID and he'll have Human Resources send over a termination package that night. The camera pulls back and we see Coach's hair sort of rear up and say "Whoa, Nelly!" The head coach then totally gives Taylor the FACE HARD and tells him that this isn't "IBM." He's not interested in transition plans. If Eric wants to leave he leaves now.

Tyra is having dinner with Landry and his parents and they are all just having the darnedest good time. Landry's dad is telling some story about Landry's old cat -- Mr. Puddles -- whom he endeavored to "outplace" when the cat was wrecking havoc on the house. The phone rings and Landry's dad goes to answer it. The conversation continues as Tyra makes fun of the cat's name and then Landry's mom jumps in with some details about the cat's "bladder control issues" right before Landry's dad comes back in to inform everyone that he has to go in to work because...they just pulled a body from the river. And if you pause on the right frame, I think you can see the exact moment in which Tyra and Landry graduate from bladder control issues right on up to pants-shitting ones.

At Regular Church (i.e., non-mega, non-black), Landry listens to the minister's sermon about David and Bathsheba, their carnal lust that leads to a murder and cover-up. One part of me is incredulous at the second immediately applicable sermon to be delivered in as many episodes. But another part is sort of amused by such a literal parallel between Landry and Tyra and David and Bathsheba. It's like Desperate Biblewives or something. Anyhow, Landry is markedly not amused and Landry's Pants-Shitting Count clocks in at: two.

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Friday Night Lights




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