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Guilt And Redemption

Back in Landry's bedroom, he sits on his bed with rumpled post-church clothes talking to the pacing and clearly-not-having-attended-church Tyra. Landry tells her that it's been completely stupid of him to think no one would find out about this, that he needs to turn himself in and just hope they take it easy on him. Tyra interrupts him and bosses that he can't do that, that he's not in this alone, that he's going to spend the rest of his life in jail. She's like a caged animal, there's no morality in any of her reasoning. Actually, there's not even much reasoning in any of her reasoning. Landry, on the other hand, is nothing but clear-headed. He snarks that so what he'll spend the rest of his life in jail; the alternative is spending the rest of life "like this" -- and if that's the case, those pants-cleaning bills are really going to start adding up. Not to mention the bill the devil will come collecting on, you know, the one that can only be paid for with his soul? Tyra's last-ditch effort is to grab Landry's hand and tell him that they are in this together, that "it's us." Sly, very sly.

Lyla drives out of the juvenile detention center. She pulls up alongside the Underwear Model, the guy who I think might just Save the Last Dance for her, and makes an exceedingly lame joke to him. As he walks along the road, she tells him his "escape plan" isn't very well thought through. Then she tells him she's just kidding, that she heard he got released. He snarks that, "congratulations," he's still on parole. She tells him that she's putting her money where her mouth is and tells him to get in the car. He looks confused. And rich white chicks are often very complex and confusing. (I'm being facetious.) Cut to Lyla driving along, giving her new friend the third degree. He doesn't have any plans other than needing to get a job. She wants to know what his parents think. He tells her that she asks a lot of questions and then asks if she'll shut up if he tells her. Mistake Numero Uno, amigo! White girls never shut up! God, all of a sudden I got filled with joy over the possibilities of this Crazy/Beautiful storyline but then got sad because here the white chick is not coke-addled, but instead just Lyla Garrity. Anyhow, he explains that his parents got deported two years ago (thanks, AMERICA) and left him to stay in the states with his uncle, pretending to be his son, his cousin, his "homey." Uncle Homey makes him sell weed (I'm wiping a tear away as I type) to white people, which is how he came to spend two years in juvie. He tells her to pull over in front of the entrance to a trailer park. Lyla tries to drive him to his (mobile) door, but he tells her not to bring "this car" into the park. Incidentally, I believe Lyla drives a Ford Escort. This trailer park is more ghetto than you can ever beee-leeeve, man. Lyla asks for his number. Okay, you can color me amused by this storyline.

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Friday Night Lights




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