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Guilt And Redemption

In Mexico, Tim and Jason wander around the crowded streets. Tim wants to know why Jason can only get this super special surgery in Mexico. Duh, Tim. It's like tacos de lengua, prescription-free Vicodin, and certain strains of syphilis. Jason explains how all of the United States' pesky health regulations mean the surgery won't get approved for, like, ever; and he doesn't have forever to wait. Tim is definitely boozy, and as Jason gets held up at the edge of the street because in Mexico one thing they do NOT have is handicap accessibility regulations, Tim continues wander far away from him, mumbling about "parallel bars" and "one guy wiggling his toes." Jason shouts and Tim spins around to see that he needs help back there. Tim explains that he's just wondering if anyone has walked again as a result of this surgery. Jason says "no, but..." I think Jason Street's middle name is "but." He thinks he's a perfect candidate for the surgery, having regained some feeling in his hand already. They cross the street right in front of a policeman, who approaches them and asks to see their "papeles por favor." Tim is brazenly waving his open container in front of the man's face. Jason goes for his wallet while Tim claims that all the officer wants is a beer. Jason does some excellent tight-lipped muttering at Tim, indicating that he will someday make a fantastic mother-disciplining-her-child-in-public: "Don't talk back to me right now, okay?" The officer steps away and talks into his radio. Tim has apparently gotten all of his knowledge of Mexico from, like, Glenn Spencer as he insists that this is all some elaborate charade, that the officer isn't talking to anyone on the radio and just wants to make some memories of his own. So Tim peels off a couple of bills at the older man, which just promptly gets him thrown onto the hood of a car.

Cut to Jason waiting outside the clink, pissed off. Tim gets released from his cell and is quite chipper, telling the guard "Go Cowboys!" as he walks out. Jason whines about how his money is for his surgery, not Tim's bail. Please note that Jason has apparently brought his entire duffel bag of money -- all ten thousand dollars of it, on his lap, guarded only by his own paralyzed hands -- to the jail. Couldn't he just estimate an amount? Anyhow, Jason wheels off pissily, telling Tim that he can go screw whatever skanky whore he wants and get syphilis. As for him, he's going back to the hotel room. I think you can probably get that same syphilis from the blankets in your room, Jason. Tim looks at Jason with slackjaw, drunk, Mexico mouth and calls after him, "Can you at least buy me a coupla tacos?" Man, they're just checking the items off the list: tacos, syphilis, experimental spinal surgery. Prescription-free Vicodin can't be far off!

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Friday Night Lights




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