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Guilt And Redemption

Tami hears a car horn honk, peeks out the window, and calls to Julie. They both go running out, super excited to greet Eric. At least they have that much in common. Eric takes Grace into his palms and starts babytalking her just as another car drives up and honks. Tami: "What's Buddy Garrity doing here?" Buddy walks up, all smiles, and Eric calls out, joking about the little baby he's got in his hands: "Hey look what I found sitting in the road!" Oh, I loved that so much. I love baby-in-peril jokes in the presence of babies. I also love dreaming up various delicious dishes that could be made of baby thighs. For example, a tasty baby thigh sandwich on whole wheat with sprouts. Mmmm. Anyhow, Tami is not pleased that Buddy is there and she puts on her Texas wife trill, telling him repeatedly that Eric just got home, so don't keep him long. Tami and Julie go inside, Eric is all smiles and jokes with Buddy: "Whaddya got me under surveillance?" Honestly, there is no more likable man on television than Kyle Chandler. Especially when he gets all happy and boyish. Swoon. Buddy cuts my reveries short by cutting to the chase: "MacGregor's gonna fight us on this." Eric's face falls as he wonders if Buddy is saying he doesn't have a job. He tells Buddy that he signed a no-compete, that he can't coach for any other colleges for two years. If he doesn't have Dillon, he doesn't have anything. Eric reminds Buddy, "Done, done. You said 'it's a done deal'." Buddy just hems and haws, tells Eric this is just "a little hitch in our get-along."

Lyla and her mom are in their kitchen. Lyla is asking her mom if there aren't any odd jobs around the house her spicy new friend can take on. Lyla's mom says no and then acts, like, totally privileged when she points out that the boy is an ex-convict. Lyla's mom is looking about twenty-eight in this scene. No wonder Rice Dream is all up in her holistic grille.

Eric is taking Julie out driving. Which means it's the perfect time -- with the inexperienced sixteen year old at the wheel -- to bring up stressful subjects like boys and moms. Eric asks "So what's with this Swedish kid?" Julie thinks that he's been coached by Tami but Eric says he's asking her on his own time. Julie tells him the only reason Tami doesn't like him is because he's older. Eric: "How much older?" Julie dodges and then tells Eric to quit worrying about her and worry about his job. He tells her to watch the road, his job is none of her business. Then he decides to put his life in even more peril by asking his daughter about the doomed make-out session: "What's this about you and this kid....carrying on in the driveway?" Julie has the BALLS to turn to him and say, "Oh, we were carrying on?" I mean, really! It was like three hours past curfew and she was in The Swede's sweaty lap, her tongue halfway to China. Eric tells her that he doesn't like her tone and then starts telling her to get in the other lane for a turn coming up. She swerves over and cuts another car off, which causes lots of honking and gesturing and screeching on Julie's part. Eric tells her "Just stay right where you are, right where you are." Oh, the driving instruction life metaphor. It always is apt.

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