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Guilt And Redemption

In Mexico, Dr. Evil looks Jason over and tells him that they can do the operation on Thursday. Because "those Texas doctors nailed your fusion we can skip decompression and go right to the injections." Tim looks up at all this medicalese nonsense, but Jason is on board; "The stem cells?" The doctor blows some more smoke up his ass: "Technically they are embryonic stem cells but the, uh, sharks don't seem to make the distinction." Sharks also don't make much of a distinction between bloody chum and nicely-manicured toes. Tim finally interjects, saying "Wait, you are injecting him with something from a shark?" You know that Jason has fallen completely off the sane wagon when he doesn't get the hell out of there after the doctor makes a joke about him "going all Jaws on us" after the surgery. "Uh, flowers, ma'am." "Flowers for whom?"

Landry and Matt are eating at the Alamo Freeze. Matt is going on and on about Smash. Landry keeps his eyes darting between two cops on one side of the joint and Tyra on another. Tyra is sitting with Ole Sis and the other downmarket Dillon strippers, getting yelled at by them for not paying enough attention to their plan to start a business where they get paid for walking around people's lawns naked. Move to the city, ladies, you can do that for free! Wait, that doesn't make any sense. Tyra watches the cops approach Landry and Matt's table and we have Pants-Shitting Moment Number Three for old Landry. The cops loom for a bit, just long enough for Landry to get a second squirt out (I'm sorry) before teasing Landry and Matt for not being at football practice. Ha, ha, ha. Matt asks Landry why he looks like he's about to throw up, and Landry just stutters about his hamburger being off.

Emergency board meeting with MacGregor and his lawyer. The lawyer avers that there was no cause for MacGregor's termination. The board lawyer brings up Tim Riggins collapsing on the field, but MacGregor's lawyer is a no-nonsense gal: "Please. It was Tim Riggins, he was probably hung over." She says that reason was just an excuse to justify "the lynching of my client." Nice word choice in the all-white room, lady. Finally, Buddy speaks up. He says that MacGregor has changed "our tradition here in Dillon" and then goes on to list all the ways in which he has done so: ruining the state championship offense, closing practices, fostering tension amongst the players. There is some implication here that we are supposed to be viewing Buddy as talking out of both sides of his mouth, and certainly his interest in getting Eric back is self-serving. But there are lots of weird shots of faces around the table peering guiltily, like they are sitting back and letting Buddy do their dirty work for them. But the work isn't actually that dirty. MacGregor was fucking up. His termination was probably a bit premature, but I'm sure football programs all over Texas are run similarly. I just don't really get the tone of this scene, I guess, on second viewing. Anyhow, Buddy does a good job, he says he speaks for everyone at the table and nobody disagrees with that statement, but still there's this weird tone where we're supposed to think he doesn't. But why? Eh.

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Friday Night Lights




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