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Guilt And Redemption

Tami and Eric are in bed with Grace. Tami is complaining that Eric is undermining her with Julie. She tells him how horrible Julie has been to her, and Eric says that he knows he doesn't know what's going on, but he wants to be a part of it again, starting now. They call Julie into their room and greet her brightly. She greets them teenagerly. Eric says, "Mother has something she wants to say to you." Tami tells Julie that they have, together, decided tentatively that she is not grounded. Julie is psyched and runs away from them as fast as she can -- pausing only to tell her father congratulations, "It's all over the paper." Eric wanders out to the kitchen to get the paper -- cutely bashing his elbow into the doorjamb on his way and muttering "Ow! Jesus." He picks up the paper and the front page reads "MacGregor Fired -- Taylor to Replace Him." I guess that's that!

Tami has Julie practicing parallel parking in an empty parking lot. This, understandably, causes a lot of stress. It must have been the same for me, because I don't remember one second of anyone teaching me how to parallel park. But it must have happened because it is one of my most spectacular skills; seriously I'm like a parallel parking savant. Which is a great thing in its own sad little way. Anyway, Tami is getting frustrated at Julie, and Julie is yelling at her mom not to yell at her. Finally, Tami tells her they need to take a break. They sit quietly together for a minute until Tami takes a deep breath and tells Julie that she needs to talk to her. A Tami Taylor Talk! Yes! A Tami Taylor Talk!

So Tami launches into it. She tells Julie that when she was around her age there was a guy named Doug Odem, and he was a lot older than her. Julie is totally grossed out and tells her mom not to start in on this, but Tami demands that Julie just listen to her. Tami explains that she was obsessed with this guy and went to a party "with him and his fancy friends" (aw!) one night. Pause. "Anyway, I slept with him that night, and that was the first time I ever slept with anybody." She thought they'd be boyfriend and girlfriend, but the next day he treated her like she didn't matter, like what happened didn't really matter. She tells Julie that it's just that she's been spending all this time with this boy that doesn't seem to have a name (mystery: solved! His nickname is SYMBOLIC of namelessness!) and that she knows Julie likes him and that she thinks he likes her. Julie interrupts to say that his name is Anton and he does like her. But this ain't no Julie Taylor Talk, it's a Tami Taylor Talk, and Tami shoots back, "Well, he doesn't love you. And that's the difference." So true. The camera pulls to the side and the concern on Connie Britton's face is really moving. Looking at her daughter, knowing what the wrong decision is for her and how likely she is to make it.

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Friday Night Lights




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