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Guilt And Redemption

Buddy is outside his old house dropping the kids off. Pam comes out to ask him to deal with this Lyla Crazy/Beautiful situation. Buddy is clearly feeling virile after his MacGregor coup, and he promises Pam that he'll take care of it.

Next scene, Buddy is interviewing Lyla's new friend, who isn't really making a great impression. He doesn't know anything about cars. Lyla pipes up that he had a job last year washing dishes. Buddy sort of raises his eyebrows when, finally, the Stand and Deliver moment comes: the kid declares to Buddy that he knows he doesn't have experience, but that he has to get a job and keep it to stay out of State, and because of that he will try to do his best not to mess anything up. Buddy tells the kid that he appreciates his honesty and says that since Lyla's vouching for him, he'll give him a job in the parts department. Lyla leaps into a big hug with her father, a little rich white girl move, I'm sure Lou Diamond Phillips here loved that.

Now for my favorite scene of the episode. Julie walks up to The Swede's door. She glances down and notices a big plastic tub spilling out all its empties. She knocks on the door and The Swede answers, chomping on a bowl of cereal. He looks surprised and then sucks in air, "Ohhh, we're supposed to hang out aren't we?" He motions her in, and she takes one more glance at the empty beer and liquor bottles and then catches a glimpse of him in his boxer shorts and dark socks as he rounds the corner of his kitchen. She follows him, and we cut to her sitting on the couch. A toilet flushes and manages to sound like the grossest sound in the universe. Julie's jaw gets tighter and tighter. His cell phone rings. The Swede comes out of the bathroom, beer still in hand, at least now wearing pants. She bitchily tells him his phone was ringing. He tells her it was probably just "Jonesy," who's excited because The Swede mentioned they were going to Dry Creek. Julie wonders what Dry Creek is, and The Swede enthusiastically replies that its this place with foozball and two-for-one-beer night. He sits on the arm of the couch, chucking a pair of socks to the ground and keeps rattling off all the names of people who are going to be there -- Jonesy called Spike and Spike called Spencer, and on and on. He tries to hand Julie a beer which she doesn't take. He asks if something's wrong and she tells him, through building tears that she's just feeling really sick and she hightails it out of there.

Okay. I loved that scene. It isn't that Julie didn't notice before that The Swede was a twenty-something boy with the beer and the bongs and the novelty t-shirts, and the weird, cheapy Christmas-light-strand-intensive art installations. In fact, I'd bet that all of those things are what made him so attractive to her. I can remember so vividly having that same exact experience around older boys. It was so exotic and seemed so much like freedom. And there is something about her making the right decision in that scenario -- because I know I never did, and I bet real girls usually don't -- that makes me feel so happy. Oh, Jules. I'm clearly working out some issues through you.

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Friday Night Lights




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