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We open on bedheaded and Hanes t-shirted Coach on the phone suggesting that "Maybe it's colick?" Cut to Tami on the phone in Dillon, cradling a screaming baby and somehow rocking the tank top even though she's only a few weeks postpartum. Coach says Julie was colicky, and Tami tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about; the only time Julie cried was when Coach slammed her finger in the car door. I guess she was saving up all the headaches she wanted to give her parents for age sixteen. Coach mutters something about how Tami is the one who let her get her hand stuck in the car door, and Tami puts an end to the useless bickering by asking if he had been asleep when she called. Coach is wandering around a soulless, undecorated, super standard suburban apartment. He says he can't go back to sleep now so why don't they talk.

Tami, keeping remarkably cool even with the tortuous sounds of a comfortless baby in her arms asks him how his job is going. Coach is enunciating like a ill-educated fourteen year old. He complains, "for one thing, dis bed is uncomfortable." He complains that his new job is like being the new kid in school. The baby quiets down just long enough for Tami to be brilliant, and she tells him he just needs to "be indispensable." The baby starts screaming again and they hang up, the camera lingering on Eric's conflicted face.

Over on that other show that isn't Friday Night Lights, it's 3 AM and Tyra's cell phone is ringing as she sleeps. It's Landry, and she gives him a hard time for calling, like, lady, the least you can do for a guy after soliciting murder from him is entertain his predictable, breathless early morning phone calls. Landry can't find his watch and we cut to the two of them getting out of Landry's Death Mobile (oh, remember when Landry just used to drive a Vagina Mobile?) at the scene of the crime. Tyra is complaining to Landry that even if anyone found his watch, they wouldn't know it was his when he mentions -- wouldn't this information have come up sometime between the time of the phone call and their arrival at the scene of the crime? -- that the watch was engraved "To Landry From Grandpa." Landry is hysterical -- in the new sense, the sense of being clinically off his rocker rather than the old sense in which he used to be hysterical, i.e., funny -- and Tyra snipes that what they are doing isn't normal, returning to the scene of the crime. Landry invokes the last shred of interestingness of their relationship to one another -- the old geek in love with the beauty thing -- by telling her he's sorry if he's embarrassing her. She tells him that he shouldn't be nasty and then confesses she's just trying to hold it together, too. They pause, and Landry quietly wonders if anyone is looking for the guy, if he has friends or family. Um, yes, he probably does.

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Friday Night Lights




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