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Just as Lyla runs up, Buddy falls straight over into the mud. She exclaims "What, is he drunk?!" and Tim sarcastically answers that he thinks he may have had a few too many. Lyla tells Tim to leave, that she's got it under control. He resists but then heeds her warnings. She tries to pull her father out of the mud, but there's no way her skinny ass is going to leverage that hunk o' junk out of the mud. She asks Tim if he'll help her, "please."

Cut to Lyla and Tim walking into Buddy's sad apartment, Buddy slung between them muttering "I love you I love you I love you." They dump him on the bed, and Lyla takes off her father's shoes. She closes the door to his bedroom and she quietly asks Tim why everything is always falling apart. Tim sweetly reassures her that he'll be fine, that he's seen drunks in his day and Buddy isn't one. "He's just sad, that's all." Lyla unconvincingly gives the Christian Right answer: "He made his bed." They look at one another and sincerely ask how each is doing. Lyla smirks and tells Tim he should get going, "You probably have a three-way to get to or something." Tim approaches her and kisses her gently on the forehead and then leaves.

At the hospital, a desperate and exhausted Tami is getting rapid-fire advice from an emergency room doctor. Make sure the baby is getting enough fluids, feeding her every hour, switching off with her husband. Tami is barely holding on, and the doctor sees it. He suggests she get someone to drive her home. She looks confused as to whom to call. Not her driving-age good-for-nothing daughter, that's for sure! No, it's...Glen! He comes around the corner and hears Tami on the phone with Eric. She's reassuring her husband that Grace is fine and she doesn't want him running home. She reminds him how many times Julie got dragged over to the emergency room. She hangs up the phone and breaks down into tears just as Glen approaches. Glen for once decides to keep the "you're insane" talk to a minimum. Even though it is sort of insane that Tami doesn't have, like, a best girlfriend she could call to help her. She keeps telling Glen how sweet he is and then she apologizes for being a bitch to him. He shrugs the apology off and as they walk out, he asks her why she and Eric are living apart. Tami shakes her head: "I don't know. That was just my idea. It was just a stupid idea." Come on home, Coach!

Landry lies in his bed listening to his iPod. Tyra walks in, wearing, I swear to God, a half shirt. She sits down on his bed and launches into a speech saying she's glad the guy is dead. She says he wasn't going to stop, he was going to keep on stalking her. I would make a snarky comment here about this new invention they have called "the police" and "jail," but I wouldn't want to imply that our justice system has any effective way to deal with misogynists and abusers. Tyra breaks into tears as she says, though, that she wishes she were the one that killed him. She won't ever forgive herself if anything happens to Landry because of her. Landry goes into shuffling nerd mode, breaking into a weird smile and telling Tyra there's nothing to be sorry about and reaching out and hugging her. He's crying, she's crying, they're murderous accomplices, there's no place else to go now but: SEX. And, well, that's pretty much what happens.

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Friday Night Lights




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