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Credits. TMU practice in Austin. Eric gets called into "Coach's" office. Man, he isn't even "Coach" in Austin, he's just Eric. Big Time Coach tells Eric he has to escort Antoine -- the player in his office -- to a meeting with the infractions committee. He's in trouble for getting caught accepting gifts from a booster. Big Time Coach emphasizes that the major infraction is that Antoine was caught accepting these gifts, specifically tickets to a Justin Timberlake concert. Eric drawls incredulously, "Justin Timberlake?" and Antoine sasses that "that little white boy's got soul." Eric wonders what about practice, and Big Time Coach tells him not to worry about it. Antoine instructs Eric that they'll be taking his car.

Tami opens the front door to find a harried and dorky looking young man named, to my, you will find, complete pleasure, "Glen." Glen deposits a box of files on her table and thanks Tami for letting him come over. "These kids, there's so many of them, they're coming at me like ninjas." He glances around at the complete shithole the house has become -- seriously Julie should be in big trouble for hanging her mom out to dry like that -- and snarks that he hopes she didn't go through all this trouble just for him. Tami fixes him with some Texas mama eyes and spits, "I just had a baby. Glen." His name is the perfect "I'm disgusted with you" utterance. Come upon your husband eating Liverwurst straight out of the tube? "What are you doing, Glen?" Somebody cut in front of you in the Southwest line? "Excuse me, Glen." It's perfect. Tami and Glen start going through specific cases. One boy is a football player pretending like he can't read, Tami says, so he can get into an easier English class. Like, presumably, "English for Illiterates"? Another is a girl who wants a recommendation to Vassar. Tami exclaims that she can't get into Vassar any more than Tami can get into her old jeans. Seems like the kids in Dillon are doing swell! Tami asks Glen how the girl is doing with her parents' divorce. Glen says he has no idea, that he's a science teacher. He wants to know if Tami has a book she knows of that he can read to tell him what to do. Just as Julie walks in behind them, Tami passionately declares to Glen that all he has to do is "connect with these children." While she is standing and delivering, she turns to Julie and says she was thinking that tonight Julie and Matt could order in food and watch a movie at their house for a date night. Julie fixes her mom with a glare and screeches, "What is it with you? Matt this, Matt that. You know Matt has his own life, right?" She storms out and Tami looks sheepish in front of Glen. Way to connect with your own daughter, Glen.

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