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Lost In America

Antoine drives Coach around in a really nice SUV, listening to hip hop. Eric leans over and switches off the music and demands that Antoine tell him what he's planning on saying to the committee. Antoine fancyfoots around saying he doesn't want to so it'll sound spontaneous. Eric is all business: "So be spontaneous." Antoine clearly hasn't been to the movies since 1996 because he apparently thinks Cuba Gooding, Jr. is an appropriate actor to mimic: "I'm sorry I took those tickets to Justin Timberlake. [Pause] Especially when they didn't have no Cristal up in the box! Can you believe it? I don't drink no cheap stuff, Coach!!" Coach clearly has seen Boat Trip and so knows how much egg Antoine will have on his face if he goes in there channeling The Gooding so he tells Antoine that the only thing missing from his speech is "contrition." Antoine says that's just because he actually isn't sorry. Then he rolls down his window and shouts out "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" Er, I mean he shouts "Hear that America? I'm NOT SORRY!" Coach's hair is like, "I am disturbed that I find myself in the middle of such a fucked up socioeconomic system that rewards black kids for acting like Cuba Gooding, Jr. more than a decade after the man's (limited) relevance." Eric sarcastically asks Antoine if he paid for his car himself or all his jewelry. Antoine is all grins saying yep, he did, "I got a paper route!" Then he breaks it down for Eric: "Listen, everybody knows we take stuff. Hell, they should be paying me anyway. I bring a million dollars to this school every year. This stuff started for me when I was in peewee."

Coach's cell phone rings, and it's Tami, who is walking down the street with Grace in a stroller. She insists that everything is fine and then tells her husband that Grace wants to say hi. Coach tries to communicate to Tami that now is not a good time, but she puts the phone to the squawking baby anyway, and everyone knows you can't hang up on a baby. Imagine what the other babies would say! "Waaaaa!" is what. Cut to Coach hilariously speaking out of the side of his mouth, "Hello. It's Dad." Grace phlibits his line of conversation with a sweet, fat baby tongue. Tami finally pulls the phone back to her ear but then immediately hangs up. Antoine smiles and looks at Coach before asking him what he's doing in the car with him when he has a new baby at home. Coach's hair has no answer.

Buddy pushes the door open of his old house, and Pam is right there to yell at him for it. She tells him he's five minutes early and that he can't come in. She's put all his trophies out on the driveway and they start bickering. Buddy apologizes for the other night, but then when Pam insists that she's the victim, he snaps and tells her to "lose the innocent victim crap." Lyla leads the charge to make them stop, pushing her mom aside and joining her father for whatever tortuous afternoon event they have planned.

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Friday Night Lights




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