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Julie walks up to collect her paycheck from the pool. The Swede is deep in conversation with a chick I'm sure he'd describe as "cool." As in, "Yeah, you know, she's a cool chick." He spots Julie and calls after her. Julie reluctantly turns around, and he asks her where she went the other night. Julie bluffs that she had another party to go to. The Swede jerks that somebody said they saw her getting picked up by her dad. Julie hilariously lies that "Oh, that? That was just my older friend." Cringe. Double cringe because she follows up that naïve gem with "I gotta go; I've got a lot of studying to do." The Swede is like, "That's right, school's started, huh?" Then he tells her to not go growing up too fast because she's going to be a heartbreaker, and that guys are going to be busting down her door. The Swede, I'm sure, knows that she'd open her door quite nicely for him, if only he'd knock.

Tami plops herself down on the couch in Glen's office. Glen is like, "You walked here?" Tami is dripping with sweat, so Glen decides to give the woman some guidance, and tells her she's "insane." Tami clenches a jaw into a manic smile and tells him that it's not insane if you have a baby who won't be quiet unless she's moving all the time. Glen sort of just stares at her, and Tami asks, "What's your problem, Glen?" Glen must not be a scientist of human relationships because he tells her that she's too sweaty and crazy for him right now: "It's your glands." Heh. Tami instructs him to not talk about her glands. She tells him that she's there to help him because he doesn't know what he's doing. Glen is like, you're right, I don't know what I'm doing, and what's more you don't seem to know what you are doing, lady! "I'm concerned about the baby's health." Oh, snap, it's on. Tami gets all Texas: "Let me tell you something, Glen. This isn't my first barbecue, Glen." Glen won't quit though, which makes me quite like Glen almost as much as I like using his name as an emphatic utterance. He tells Tami that he's frightened of her right now, and Tami goes batshit on him, growling that she came to help him because he needs help right now and then getting distracted and growling at him for judging her mothering skills. Then she breaks down in tears. Watch out, show. Don't dilute Tami's tears for me!

Matt is at work, trying to get in touch with Julie about hanging out that night. Lame. Oh, Matty, you are being so lame. Even I want to break up with you now.

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Friday Night Lights




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