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Tami walks away from the school and runs into Jason Street. He wheels up to her and tells her the sweetest story about having a dream in which she tells him to get up and walk, and he walks. He tells her about his progress with his right hand, and Tami just beams down at him, but with some confusion when he tells her he thinks he'll walk again soon.

Coach and Antoine are having lunch at a diner. Antoine is giving Coach a hard time over how he probably doesn't' know whether Baby Grace is on a schedule yet or what. Coach's hair is not amused. When Antoine goes to take a picture of Coach's scowl with his iPhone, Eric swipes it out of the kid's hand and yells at him for thinking everything is a big joke. He tells the kid that he doesn't deserve to play football if he's so willing to risk the team's season like that. Looks like Coach Eric Taylor's tough love may strike again!

Panther stadium. Landry walks into the parking lot and finds a girl waiting for him. She introduces herself as his rally girl. He sort of slurs, "Wow, my own personal rally girl?" Tyra walks up and tells Landry he's arrived. The Rally Girl, who's sort of ducky, tells Landry they can work out the details later. Landry wants to work them out now: "Do you think all human beings are capable of evil?" Whoa, there. Tyra drags him away and they start arguing. Tyra tells Landry to hold it together. Landry asks if she has ice water in her veins. Landry reminds her that a human being is dead because of him, Tyra retorts that he was a rapist not a saint and then really loses it and yells at Landry to "act like a man, then!" Landry is stunned by this request. He reminds her that she's not the one who killed anyone, that she doesn't have to hear the sound of his skull cracking every time she closes her eyes. Okay. Wow. That right there is exactly why I can't stomach this storyline. Because that is a sense impression that will never go away for this person. Not when he is a little older and a little wiser. This is the kind of thing that closes down a life.

Landry continues and tells Tyra to never tell him to act like a man again. He says he'd do it again because the guy hurt her and he's in love with her. And then there's a really nice detail -- the shot from the promos of Tyra looking all "zoink!?!" at this declaration is actually followed by Landry quickly steamrolling right past that cheap reaction shot: "Don't look at me like that because you know; you've known forever." Then Landry tells Tyra that if any of this accords with her definition of "a man" then that is really sad. He walks away and Tyra is cowed.

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Friday Night Lights




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