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At the hearing, Antoine fake-apologizes. He acknowledges making a mistake and swears that it won't happen again. He rambles on and on, doing the contrition song and dance routine pretty expertly. Until Coach jumps up to say his peace. He opens by declaring that Antoine will play in the NFL and that he can go "as a selfish, undisciplined punk. Or you can allow us to shape him into what I believe he could be." Coach notes the systemic nature of the problem, that Antoine isn't the only primadonna on the stage. He's asking for the opportunity to take all of Antoine's bling away from him and make him miserable for a season. The infractions committee is into this sadistic plan.

Matt is following Carlotta around as she whirls around the Saracen household like a caliente Mary Poppins. He tells her that his grandma likes having newspapers around, but she replies that a client of hers once never threw anything away and was crushed by a pile of magazines. Wait a minute, lady, that isn't really a check in your column. She talks about installing guardrails and having dinner together every night. Matt wants to know how they'll help Grandma's mind, like maybe he thinks she'll get cured, and Carlotta is really cute, breezily acknowledging that Grandma is "a little cuckoo" before saying she needs walks and conversation and crossword puzzles. Carlotta winds her way into Matt's bedroom where she starts snooping around. She picks up a pencil sketch of Julie and tells an embarrassed Matt that it's good and then tells him his room is depressing. She starts trying to move the bed and of course unearths his dirty magazines: "Really, Matt! Haven't you heard of the internet?"

Tami folds clothes with Grace burbling on the bed. She touches Grace's head and remarks that she's really hot. Julie walks in look very va-va-va-voom in a red tube top and Tami asks her to come feel Grace's forehead. Julie is like, "Um? Gross?" and says she doesn't know anything about babies, and anyway, Lois is waiting outside. Tami looks hurt and just tells Julie to be home by ten.

In Austin, Eric is called into Big Time Coach's office again where he is praised for somehow getting Antoine suspended for only three games. Antoine told B.T.C. that Eric "hollered at him pretty good." Eric is just like, "yup." B.T.C. dismissively remarks, "I bet you were a pretty good high school coach." Eric just chews that cud a while. I'm pretty happy with the pace of this story; it's no surprise that Eric will return to Dillon, but I like that he has this new motivation of knowing that at the high school level he might have a hand in helping change a systemic problem, one that gets expressed in a certain way through football but really has a lot to do with how terribly our country serves a lot of its youth.

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