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Texaco station. Julie is in her sweet little Urban Outfitters tube top, tunic, and leggings combo, cleaning the windshield of Lois' car. Something about this scene just makes me long to be a teen in a sultry climate on a Friday night. The Swede pulls up in his ratty old van. She flirtily asks if he's stalking her. He notices how hot she looks and asks what she's all dressed up for. She's forced to admit that it's the pep rally. He chuckles but then sees an opening and asks if she wants a ride from him. Julie stutters a bit but then decides to take him up on the offer. See ya, Lois! That poor girl! Why is she still friends with Julie?

The pep rally, this year on Lester's ranch. Buddy has a red plastic Solo cup surgically attached to his palm. The state champion Panthers get introduced and Smash takes the microphone. Matt stands in the back looking, yep, dejected.

Julie and The Swede drive up, and he exclaims over how lavish the whole thing is. Julie tells him that "football is not lost on Dillon" whatever that means. He tells her it was nice seeing him. And then Julie purses her luscious and glossed lips, leans over and kisses him. As she gets out of the van she tells him, "You can call me sometime." Oh, snap! That was hott!

Julie immediately finds Matt and first (insincerely) apologizes for having missed his "thing." Matt sulks that it was just the Smash show anyway. Julie says she thinks they need to talk and then just rips the Band Aid off fast and clean. She says that she thinks they've changed. "The point is, it's me, it's not you. You didn't do anything." Matt says he knows he didn't do anything, that he knows it's The Swede. She protests, and he pleads with her to just be honest with him. And she is. She tells him that it's The Swede, it's her parents, it's her feeling trapped and worried about turning into her mom. She says she needs space, and Matt gives her some right then and there, storming off screen.

The pep rally continues, line dancing and all that sort of "wholesome" crap. Buddy is wandering around Lester's trophy room, muttering that he probably didn't even shoot one of the animals stuffed and hung in there. He peers out the window and watches Lester chatting up New Coke. Buddy soliloquizes, "And here's Lester, workin' that ole' hillbilly. Work that ole' hillbilly, ridgerunnin' mouth breather." Heh. I hope Buddy has at least a few weeks of drunken soliloquizing ahead of him.

Back outside, Buddy's witty drunkenness has given way to just sad, sweaty drunkenness. Sweaty Buddy Garrity is back! He's holding court with some guys who look like they don't want to be there, narrating how he won the state championship for the Panthers back in 1885. He calls Lester over, who just stares at the sad spectacle. Buddy has a bottle of wine grasped in his right paw and he's slurring about how it's his story to tell. He rears back, trying to reenact a snap, and runs into a group of people behind him. Lester corrals him back, but Buddy yells at him to get his hands off him and the situation starts to escalate. Tim Riggins rushes to the rescue, pulling Buddy toward him and giving Buddy the opportunity to back down from Lester without losing face. Buddy tries to shake it all off with a laugh, but then turns to Tim and moans "I think I lost, Riggo. I never lost in my life. I lost my family, now I lost football."

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