Friday Night Lights
Best Laid Plans

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Long Road Home
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Early morning. Eric is sound asleep, Tami is awake. She quietly asks her husband to wake up. He rouses with a start, all "Who, what, where? What's dead? Where's the fish?" Tami reassures him that he hasn't missed his flight and then says that she's just woken up with a terrible feeling that they shouldn't move to Austin. Eric mumbles that it's just cold feet and she should go back to sleep. Tami persists, requesting that when he goes to TMU today, that he just not commit one way or the other. Coach: "Mrrmmph." Tami wonders if he's heard her. He "mrrmmphs" again. Pause. The alarm goes off, and Tami says "I guess it is time to get up." Coach says he's going to kill her. And it's true, one of the worst feelings in the whole world is getting woken up by something just a few minutes before the alarm goes off. While one of the best feelings in the world is waking at 2 AM, sure it's time to get up, and then realizing you've got hours -- HOURS! -- left to sleep. I think about sleep, and how I'd like to be asleep, and how best to sleep a lot, if you must know.

A pretty, folksy song -- sounds a little like Jana Hunter (associate of my nemesis Devendra Banhart) but I can't confirm anywhere -- takes us over to the house of Hands on a Hard Body. Tim and Jackie are rolling around in bed, smacking lips while a tiny little voice Sandy Duncans from the distance, squeaking that he's hungry. Jackie sort of kicks Tim out of bed (marking the first time that's ever happened to him) and they both bumble with their pants and robes and such. Tim tumbles out the first-floor window and into the bushes, while Jackie barely gets a robe wrapped around her fantastic body before going out to her son. Cut to Jackie and Little Sandy Duncan puttering in the kitchen when there's a knock on the door. Bo does his "yesss!" fist pump move and rushes to answer it, saying he knows who that will be. Jackie looks after him with concern. Bo opens the door to Tim standing in the glare of the morning light and remarks, "Tim Riggins, you're up early!" Tim answers that it's because they're going to start training. Tim kneels down, and Bo starts enthusiastically punching his upheld hands. Jackie is now super concerned.

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Friday Night Lights




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