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Long Road Home

Coach gets up and suggests the roast get going with Smash. Smash laughs and looks fake nervous. "Now what is there to say about Smash, that he hasn't already said about himself?!" Big (fake) laughter. Cut to Buddy roasting Matt -- with Smash's email joke! Smash looks pissed. Landry likes the joke, though, which I guess is good feedback on the joke for Smash. Cut to Smash roasting Tim, saying there's only two phrases that put a smile on his face, "Number one: 'We goin' to state.'" Big applause. "Number two: 'The results are in and you are NOT the father!'" Huge applause. They love the Smash! ["And, as I am a big supporter of a good Maury joke, I do as well." -- Joe R] Now it's Tim's turn, and you just know this isn't going to go correctly, probably mostly because of a mischievous fellow by the name of Jack Daniels. "Hey, uh, how 'bout Saracen sleepin' with the Coach's daughter?!" Absolute crickets. Total silence. Julie snarks, "Nothing like athletes doing comedy." Her mother reminds her that it is tradition, and she snarks back "So's tar-and-feathering!"

Tami has no time to give her daughter a lesson in community building, though, because her husband starts laying into her about how "absurd" she's being. Meanwhile, Lady Mayor is in the background chewing on the microphone a little bit. Tami is pissed that Eric is calling her absurd and reminds him that she doesn't think her proposition is absurd, and they do this tense back and forth until Buddy calls the "surprise speaker" up to the podium: Tami Taylor! She gets up all smiles and poise. Damn, Hillary, move over. I have a new suggestion for first female president. Take note, special interests. I vote for good boobs, great hair, and a sassy attitude.

Coach calls out from the audience to remind her that "this is a roast, not a skewering" and Tami's voice trills in that way it does when she isn't quite sincere or when she's up to no good, "I knoooow, honey!!! Gooood foooor yooouu!" And, because we are so used to watching BAD television, you get prepared that something is not going to go well here. That she is going to air the family laundry right here inside these wood-panelled walls. But what happens is so much better than that. She comports herself perfectly. She pokes fun at the all-encompassing role football has played in their lives as a married couple and as parents. She reminds the audience what a good man Eric is. She tells the truth -- because she loves him and she supports him -- and she keeps their argument, because some things should be, private.

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