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Long Road Home

So to recap. Tami takes the microphone and says she wants to start by telling them what he has taught her "as a human being." She pauses and pretends to think for a moment and then lists those things: "the nickel defense, the three four, the four three, and, of course, the spread formation." The crowd chuckles. Eric seems to breathe a sigh of relief that his calling her "absurd" right before she took the stage didn't send her into some sort of lunatic freakout. She continues, joking about Eric Taylor "the family man" and how they all spend so much quality time together watching game film, and then, watching some more game film. She shrugs her shoulders cutely when she tells the crowd about the romantic dinners he takes her on during which they can commonly be heard shouting, "pick up the blitz!" or "go for two!" The crowd claps, clearly deriving so much pleasure from what they perceive is the Taylors' very pleasant relationship. Tami continues, getting serious and in the process getting me seriously to cry: "Eric Taylor is a kind and decent man. And he's strong, and he has vision. And he's passionate. And he's real good at imparting that passion into the people around him. And he loves y'all kids. Every single one of ya." The camera ranges around and shows all the kids taking this to heart. "I just want to tell y'all kids how important you are to us. How deeply we care about you. So thank y'all, from our whole family." She leaves the podium to a standing ovation, kisses her husband, and goes and hugs Tyra. And because a woman acting nobly and charmingly and wonderfully can never go unpunished, Buddy Garrity leans over and tells Coach Taylor, "You've got a good one, Coach. A real good one." I cannot convey how disgusting I find that "good one" sentiment. CRAM IT, Buddy Garrity. Or just tell it to your lawyer. Your divorce lawyer. God.

People file out of the roast. Smash, holding a little foil package in his hand -- aww, leftovers for Waverly -- is approached by the girl he was flirting with in the hallway. She says, "We're getting ready to hit a party, wanna come?" Smash thinks for a minute and then says that he's going to rest up for the game. "Leftovers for Waverly." I feel there is an ABC Family movie in there somewhere.

Landry sits alone and sad. Tyra catches a glimpse of this and goes over to him. Her dress at first seems a bit too fashion-forward for Tyra Collette, but then I notice it seems to be made of matte stretch jersey, which pretty much puts it squarely in the high school zone, cute gathers at the bottom of the 3/4 sleeve or no. She sits down with Landry and begins to apologize. Landry looks at her angrily and says, "What other day?" She asks him to cut her some slack and says that she doesn't think he's a geek. Landry isn't taking this apology lying down, and he replies, "Nah, just the pathetic, not having any friends..." Don't forget the "smelly!" Tyra says she didn't mean any of it. She tells him that she was just pissed, and Landry interrupts, asking if she thinks he wanted to tell someone. She tells him that she knows why he did, that she was upset about all of it and took it out on him. "I'm trying to be better...about a lot of things."

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