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Best Laid Plans

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Long Road Home

But Landry is a tough customer. You can bet that Tyra would normally get away with saying mean things if she just winked cutely after saying it. But Landry isn't just pissed, he's geek-pissed, the kind of pissed that doesn't feel like it has much to lose were it to stay pissed. So he snarks after her heartfelt apology, "So I guess that's why you're getting back together with Tim Riggins?" Tyra is shocked and swears that they're just there as friends. Landry keeps going, "But what about the after-party, when the beer is flowing and Tim comes in with his cute, but tragic, 'Texas forever' thing, what about then?" Tyra repeats that she and Tim are just friends. Landry, now not only just geek-pissed but geek-empowered by his anger, goes ahead and starts speaking his mind. He tells Tyra that he knows it isn't his business and that she's a big girl, "But, do you really want to spend the rest of your life with someone who cheats on you, who drinks all the time, who's just going to end up working at a gas station and, you know, puking up his paycheck..." And he keeps going, imagining when Tyra has a couple of Tim's "not-so-biologically-gifted kids." Correction, Landry. Not-so-intellectually-gifted. Those children would have more biological gifts than Shiloh Jolie-Pitt. Tyra interrupts him and wonders if he's trying to make her take back her apology. Landry is moving toward something, though, and he tells her that "there's a guy out there that'll show up sober, and will listen to you, and take care of you, and recognize you for the smart and beautiful and caring woman that you are, Tyra. You know, a guy that, a guy that --" and during this, Tyra looks like she's rising to the occasion, and Landry is definitely rising to the occasion, but one other person rises dumbly to the occasion, and that is Mr. Tim Riggins who comes up at the exact wrong moment to say "What's goin' on, Lando?" and then ask if he wants to come out with them to a party. Landry says he can't and then gets up and leaves. Tyra is shocked, tears in her eyes.

Jose Gonzalez's "Storm" will take us through the last few storylines of the evening.

Smash goes to Waverly's and gives her his little Leftovers of Fidelity. He tells her that he missed her and she invites him inside.

Jason sits on the Garritys' front stoop. Lyla comes out and Jason says they just really need to talk. She says that they don't, that she's not upset, that she's just happy that she knows "the truth about us." She coldly tells him that he was too chicken to tell her the truth himself, but at least now she knows. She goes back inside and leaves Jason behind.

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