Friday Night Lights
Best Laid Plans

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Long Road Home

Eric stands behind Tami with his arms wrapped around her. It seems like they are in front of a mirror in their room or something. We're seemingly watching them looking at themselves in the mirror. Eric asks if they are done fighting. Notice Tami just "hmm"s in reply. Eric tells his wife that he loves and respects her. Tami "hmmm"s. He continues, "I am proud of you. I am in love with you completely. I'm sorry for the way this all happened. I'll tell you what, though, Austin is going to be good to this family." Tami finally speaks. "I know it is." Pause. Pause. "But baby, I'm not goin' to Austin. I can't leave here now." She asks him to come to bed with her, turns, and leaves the frame. We're left on Coach, staring ahead, his hair telling him that it told him so, unsure what he'll do next, and then he turns out the lights. BUT DO NOT USE THAT FINAL PHRASE TO MAKE ANY NON-RENEWAL PUNS ABOUT THIS SHOW, MISTER REILLY.

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Friday Night Lights




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