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Long Road Home

Cut over to Coach getting the tour of the fancy digs at TMU. And they are fancy -- gleaming turf, shiny white buildings, et cetera. Cut in to an office overlooking the enormous field where, presumably, the head coach of TMU first compliments the work Eric has done with the kids in Dillon and then puts the screws to him. He reminds Eric that the offer's been on the table for a week and that their second choice for the position has offers from three other universities. They won't let their second choice get away while waiting for Eric's decision. Eric has to decide now or they'll withdraw the offer. Coach's hair is quite mussed for a man in a professional meeting, seemingly foreshadowing what Eric's appearance will be after the ass-whupping his wife is going to give him when she hears what we hear right now, "Gentlemen, I accept."

Uninspiring credits. Long shot of a shabby, white ranch house set out in the country. It's the Collette house, first time we've gotten an exterior shot. Landry knocks on the door, bringing a cranky Tyra to answer it. Landry's ditching class and trying to make it seem like business-as-usual, but Tyra calls him on it: "Have you ever ditched a class in your entire life?" He admits that he hasn't. He's checking up on Tyra since she hasn't been in school the past two days. He wonders if she's told anyone about what happened, like maybe her mom, and she snaps that her mom is "out in the boonies with my aunt who's dying of ovarian cancer, so, you know, there's more important things going on." Wow. Landry keeps pushing, wondering if there's anyone else she could talk to about it, and Tyra yells, "LANDRY, there's no one, all right?" She again tells him that he can't go blabbing about it to anyone either, and he looks at her with total fear and confusion before turning and walking away. We get a shot of her moving to the window to push aside the curtain and watch him leave, her brow furrowed, clearly hurt and confused as well.

A strange posse walks down the hall in school. There's Smash, The Galoot, some other football guys, some random nerd and Waverly. The Galoot exposits that he doesn't want to have to get up and tell jokes at the roast, and another football player agrees saying that they aren't comedians. The Random Nerd says that's what makes it great, that none of them are funny. Smash tries out a joke, "When Matt was first made quarterback, he was so shy he had to email his plays in." Random Nerd basically says "case in point" and then Smash gets kind of weirdly 'roidy with him "Yo, say that to my face!" (Uh, he did.) Anyhow, Waverly pulls Smash away as the strange and contrived posse continue on. She tells him that she's not going to go to the roast with him. Smash responds by reverting to the third person: "Smash don't fly solo!" He wonders what the big deal is and Waverly just tells him to trust her, that the roast would stress her out and she needs to focus on keeping her life structured. Smash reluctantly says okay.

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