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Long Road Home

Jason is wheeling out of some civil building and runs into Suzie (Tattoo Girl). He laughs. (We groan.) She wonders what he's there for; he wonders likewise. (We take a quick nap.) Jason is there to fill out "paperwork" as he is now gainfully employed as an Assistant Coach for the Dillon Panthers. Great, Jason! But why are you making me think about all of the boring things for which you do have to go to Municipal Hall, not one of which would have anything to do with getting a new job? Suzie is there to pay a parking ticket and exposits with effort, "You know, getting a traffic ticket in Dillon, got to pay it in Dillon." It turns out she's staying with her sister (she of the refrigerator dropping off) for a few weeks, and Jason says they should get together, see a movie, whatever. They settle on Thursday, and Suzie says, "Sounds like a date! Er, uh, not a date, a plan, uh, an arrangement." Okay, I'll bite: somewhat charming. Jason leaves and jokes that he'll see her Thursday for their "arrangement." What is with these two and their vaguely European outings?

Just when you thought this might be a B+ kind of episode, we cut to Matt Saracen getting roused from a very teenaged Hanes-tee-and-jeans nap sprawl. Landry's at the door. Matt greets him with good humor. Matt jokes, not realizing how out of sorts Landry is, saying that he's been dying to hear how the big study date with Tyra Collette went. Matt flashes Landry a smile that makes me kick Tim Riggins right out of my bed. Landry snaps at Matt about how all he is is "comic relief for the star quarterback," and Matt backpedals, sincerely swearing that he really wants to know how it went, then asking what happened. Landry asks Matt if he swears he won't tell anyone what he's about to say -- not Julie, not anyone. Matt assures him he won't.

"There was an attack." Matt's face goes slack and he starts mumbling, "Wha-wha-what do you mean?" Landry explains that some guy attacked Tyra and "tried to do stuff to her." Matt first asks if Tyra's okay, and Landry pauses -- because she isn't okay, but she is "okay" -- and says that she fought the guy off. The second thing Matt asks is what the cops said. And we cut to a close-up of Landry's pained face because he knows that the second thing that should have happened -- going to the police -- didn't happen, and he feels guilty. Matt wants to know who they've told, and Landry stutters that she swore him to secrecy, and that he can't tell anyone, and "What am I supposed to do? You gotta tell me what am I supposed to do in this situation, Matt." Matt looks right at Landry and doesn't hesitate: "You gotta tell somebody. Landry, you gotta tell somebody." This scene is an absolute gutter, these two young boys trying to figure out how to act ethically in a shitty-ass world that's always pulling you in multiple directions.

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