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Long Road Home

Coach walks in the front door. Tami is on the phone and calls out to him as he shuffles down the hall from the door -- "Hey babe! I'm just on the phone trying to reach Tyra, she's been M.I.A. Can't wait to hear how it went!" He shuffles over to her and starts making out with her. Oh, the make-out of guilt. Followed by the champagne bottle of guilt. At the sight of this, Tami asks, "You didn't say yes yet, did you?" Her face is open toward him, though, and so he tells her how it went down. Kyle Chandler's delivery is fantastic. He speaks super quietly and super charmingly, pantomiming himself being like "let me think about this for a min-- YES!" and then going on to tell her with boyish excitement how awesome the whole day was. The stadium, the city, the everything. Tami smiles at him, but her teeth are clenched behind that smile. God these two are good.

Angst-y Explosions in the Sky has begun in the background -- that part of "Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean" that is super tense little shimmery guitars -- and we cut to Eric and Tami walking into Julie's room together. She keeps looking down at her homework. She knows what's coming. Coach: "I took the job in Austin." Tami reaches out to her daughter's face. Julie cries to herself quietly and doesn't say a word even when her father asks if she wants to talk about it.

Cut to Julie slowly walking up Matt's steps, her face a complete sorrowful mess. She peers through the screen door until Grandma notices her and tells Matt that Julie's at the door. He comes to the door -- second time that night a happy Matt Saracen greeting gets met with tears and desperation -- and the minute he sees Julie's face asks her what's wrong. She blurts out, "I'm moving" and then explains, "My dad, he took this job at TMU." Matt doesn't say anything, just pulls her close and hugs her, and even I, through my tears, can take a moment to admire those arms of his (seriously, Tim Riggins, get out of my bed!). We close on a close-up of Matt's face as he stares into the distance, trying to process the fact that his first love is moving, taking with her his mentor and coach and guaranteed place as QB1. If he were to take some advice from the middle-school me, after a night like this, he should probably sit in his room and play "Wind Beneath My Wings" over and over again. And it that doesn't work, might I also suggest a little ballad by Extreme?

Next day, Jason knocks on Coach's door and gets met by a prickly Eric. Jason is all smiles, but Eric bitches at him for being fifteen minutes late and snaps at his former protégé not to talk back to him. Jason is kind of taken aback, but gets into it when Coach calls Matt into his office to pay the bitch-fest forward. Matt tells them both that he feels ready for the championship game, but Coach and Jason immediately jump all over that self-assurance like the participants in a somewhat abusive male culture they are. This scene is here to sort of set up the new "chain of command" that exists now that Jason is an Asst. Coach. Jason echoes everything Coach says, and with a little, cruel smile. Which I like. Coach tells Matt he has to do everything Jason says, and then Coach leaves. Jason informs Matt that he needs to finish his weights and then meet him in the film room for lunch. "And get used to that, cuz we're gonna be eating a lot of meals together." Matt stutters that well, actually, he usually eats with Julie. Jason informs Matt that he'll call Julie to tell her "there's a new girl in town and that girl is me."

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