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Long Road Home

Landry is in Tami's office, telling her about this problem his "friend" has. Tami proceeds carefully, suggesting that Landry's "friend" might not want to tell anyone "for fear of reprisal, or, or, or judgment." Landry wonders if there is a law that says Tami would have to report the assault if he told her the student's name. Tami pauses and then hedges her bets, telling Landry that she doesn't want him to be offended, but that if he is the one who was assaulted, he should feel safe in telling her about it. Landry -- tears in his eyes -- insists that he isn't talking about himself. Tami still doesn't seem to buy it and pauses. Jesse Plemons is simply bringing it in these scenes, as he finally, and totally guiltily, confesses, "I'm talking about Tyra." Tami obviously puts it all together in a split-second -- Tyra's absences and refusal to answer the phone -- and sits back in her chair, stunned.

Cut to Tyra answering a knock at the door. First, I'd like to commend the storyboarding in this episode -- no long interruptions between various actions and their associated re-actions. And second, I am never answering my front door again! When Tyra finds Tami there, she knows the jig is up. She catches a glimpse of Landry sitting and waiting in Tami's car in the driveway before telling Tami, "Look, it's not that big of a deal." Tami answers quietly, "Yeah, it is, sweetheart."

The voice of the intake officer takes us to the police station, where an officer is asking Tyra again if she remembers leaving a notebook behind. She says "no" and rubs her face in weariness. She realizes the shitty cultural position she is in, having to bear the burden of proof, and she snaps at the officer that she already told him that she doesn't remember leaving a notebook behind. When he asks, seemingly not for the first time, if the notebook the guy was waving looked like her notebook, she snaps, "Are we done here?" He says he thinks he's got it covered, and then says they have to take some pictures first. Tyra's face goes blank, Tami tries to remain nonplussed and just says "Alright, let's go do that, then, quickly."

Cut to Tyra standing in all her Amazonian majesty but looking like beatdown hell -- which makes me real mad at that scumbag that thought he had a right to this. She's in front of a female officer wielding a camera. She follows the officer's directions, and we get close-up shots of her body as she turns to the side and lifts up her hair, revealing a bruise on her neck, lifts up her shirt and reveals a bruise on her side, a bruise on her arm. Ooof. Tyra walks down the hall, alone, and holding herself like she doesn't want anyone to touch her ever again. She comes out into this beautiful Texas day where Landry is sitting on a curb waiting for her. He tries to apologize, but she breaks down into tears and lashes out at him, telling him she should have never trusted him and calling him "a pathetic, smelly geek." Landry visibly recoils. So do we. There is no wrath hotter than a hot girl's for a geek. Heh. Who am I, Aesop?

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