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Long Road Home

Julie sits on the couch and dejectedly tells someone on the phone that she guesses she'll talk to him or her later. Her mom walks over, climbs over her daughter's coffee-table resting legs and flops down on the couch next to her, one leg draped over Julie's. Julie moans that now Tyra isn't even returning her calls and posits that she just must not be cool enough anymore. Tami tells her daughter that one never knows what's going on with other people, and not to take it personally. Julie says that the move is like a bad dream on repeat for her. Tami reaches out and strokes her daughter's face gently. Coach comes rushing in and telling his ladies, "C'mon, let's go celebrate." A slight mis-match of tone to situation, I'd say. He kisses each of them and tells Julie that she gets to choose wherever she'd like to go. Julie gets up without a word and storms off. Coach, hands on hips, says, "I know what's going to happen next, door's gonna slam." Pause. SLAM.

Tami asks Eric to come sit next to her. She jangles a little bit as she pushes her hair back. She looks at her husband, then doffs his cap for him, saying, brightly, "Hi!" Coach starts chuckling and she chuckles with him, asking "What?" Eric anwers, "I don't know...I don't know," and my recap can simply not capture the fairy dust essence of Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton in action. Perhaps Peter Berg can pitch a series based on the heartbreaking reality of a recapper not being able to accurately recap the beauty and perfection she sees on the screen. Perhaps you think that is not an issue that bears looking into, but let me remind you that we are watching a series about high school football. Follow me around with handheld cameras and set it to instrumental indie rock. You've never seen the discovery that there isn't any more wine placed in such poignant light. ["Dibs on the soft-spoken but unexpectedly soulful editor!" -- Joe R]

Okay. So basically, Eric knows Tami is about to launch something big at him, but he's behind the curve with her as usual, and he's terrified of what it is. Tami just grabs his arm and cuddles in. Might I suggest this technique in our dealings with hostile nations? She tells him that she just wants to make a proposal, and doesn't want him to jump into any immediate decisions. She begins carefully, saying that she was thinking that maybe she and Julie could stay in Dillon while Coach goes to Austin to start his job just until Julie graduates. Her reasoning: it would allow Julie some closure and would allow her to keep working with some of the kids with whom she really feels she is starting to make a difference. She points out that the commute would not be so bad. It is, I believe, supposedly like 200 miles. Which really isn't bad. Says the woman currently living 800 miles away from her husband for the sake of completely unglamorous research. But Coach just pauses for a moment before looking up and saying "No" to this woman just as quickly as he said "yes" to all those men in that earlier scene. Tami looks confused at his outright refusal to even consider the option.

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