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Long Road Home

She tells him that she really needs him to hear her, the same phrasing she used when she had the sex talk with Julie. Coach says that he is hearing her and that he's listened and decided no. And now the scene gets really demanding because they're both talking over one another. Coach declares that the "commute" is not a simple commute but represents a separation that he doesn't want to happen in their family. Tami insists that their relationship is mature and loving and that they can handle that and Coach replies that "in that case, I'm not mature, I can't handle this." Tami tries telling him that the kids in Dillon need her, and she needs that, but Coach is not hearing this and just keeps saying that it isn't going to happen. He starts rubbing his face and hair and wonders aloud "Why is this happening now?" and Tami just keeps insisting to him that she will feel awful if she leaves the kids she works with in Dillon. Coach gets up, walks out, and slams the door behind him. Tami is left on the couch. Wow, is this a knot of a problem. Tami's work is obviously and unsurprisingly being devalued. She is clearly dealing with the surprising-even-to-herself realization that the work she does is actually worth something (a difficult realization for women who work and work and work their whole lives without getting much monetary reward for it, i.e., mothers), but at the same time you can't fault Coach for not wanting to get cut out of two years of his family's life, however brief a time that may be. God, show, way to be a sociology seminar disguised in low-cut tops and good hair!

Cut so Smash flirting with a gaggle of ladies in the hallway. Waverly comes up and asks Smash if she can "holler" at him for a second. They walk away from the gaggle, with whom Smash insists he was just talking. Waverly announces that she's going to give him "a hiatus." Basically, she's telling him, I guess, to go ahead and eff other girls during these two weeks of championship stuff? Whatever, Waverly. You need to call up Tami Taylor and get some lessons in feminism. She tells him to "have the time of your life." Smash is hesitant, reminding her, "We gonna be partyin'." She says it's all right, that he can hang out with other girls, whatever. God, girl. You are bi-polar, not spineless. She walks off, telling him to enjoy himself, "be the Smash." Smash calls after her with a holy-shit! grin on his face "Okay, I can do that!"

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