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Long Road Home

Tim is getting out of his truck when Jackie runs over. He's all smiles, telling her he was thinking about tacos for dinner. You do not know the kind of restraint I am showing here letting that remark slide. She interrupts him and says that they can't have any more dinners -- especially no more taco dinners -- and when he asks why, she tells him that she can't let Bo get hurt. When Tim says he didn't think he was hurting the kid, Jackie says, "well you aren't now, but, well, you know" indicating that she did, not, in fact envision a lifetime of picking up Tim Riggins's beer cans. She says that she loves Bo too much, "I love him, he's mine," and just can't put him in that situation any longer. She walks away and leaves Tim, head hanging down, in his truck.

At the Garritys' house, Buddy and Pam have gathered everyone around their fabulous Texas hearth to show that just as the fireplace is made of stone, so is their father's HEART. Or, put more simply, they're getting a divorce. Lyla looks at her father with disgust as he babbles on how it'll all be the same, just he won't live there. He says he'll see them on weekends, and Pam -- little lawyer devil popping up over her left shoulder -- snaps, "You'll see them every other weekend." Lyla can't take it and storms off. Her mom insists she come back, but Lyla just swings around and says, "He can leave, and then I'll come back, how 'bout that?" I guess there's no addressing the one-woman demolition derby she held at her father's dealership the other night?

Jason and Suzie meet awkwardly for their "arrangement." She's not wearing her glasses, despite my advice to the contrary. Jason compliments her awkwardly. She stands awkwardly. I awkwardly end this paragraph.

Fade to Jason and Suzie sitting in her truck and awkwardly talking about how "fun" Jason is. He tells her he's fun only with her. Actually, I consider myself something of an FNL expert, and I'd say he's only ever fun with the boys. Jason Street is clearly one of those guys whose brains and fiery personality simper out when in the presence of women. Suzie confesses that she likes him, and when he pauses, she giggles and says she's getting embarrassed. He tells her that he likes her, too, and then he reaches out and touches her hair before leaning in for the kiss. Which happens at the exact moment that Lyla pulls up behind their truck. She gets out and walks around to the passenger's side. Jason asks if they can talk, telling her to go inside for a minute -- which is just a brutal detail, him asking her to go inside so she doesn't have to see Suzie helping him out of the truck and into his chair. She just shakes her head and tells him she's done, then pulling her engagement ring off and flinging it at him. She storms back to her car and before she gets in, screams at the top of her lungs, "SCREW YOU!" which is just quite the inadequate riposte, which, of course, somehow makes it all that much better on screen. I bet Kevin Williamson is kicking himself for spending all that time writing wordy teen dialogue trying to "get it right" when, really, having teens grunt, shout, and stutter is pretty much the only way you can get it right.

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