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Best Laid Plans

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Long Road Home

Tim pulls up in his truck. Bo is waiting in the front yard with a football. Bo asks Tim if he wants to hang. Tim crouches down and asks Bo if his mom had talked to him yet. Bo says that she did mention that Tim would be busy with football and school and wouldn't be able to hang out so much anymore. Tim tells Bo that his mom is right. Bo says that he figured, though, "since we're obviously buds, you can, like, make time for me. We're like...brothers!" Tim says that he agrees, but that he does have a lot going on. Bo won't take "scram" for an answer (possibly the root of some of his schoolyard troubles?) and tells Tim that he'll come around later. Tim gives in and says all right. As Bo leaves, Tim calls to him, "Hey, who pushes you around?" and Bo, on cue, shouts, "Nobody!" Shot of Tim, crouching down, all alone, in front of his seedy house.

Transition to a shot of Tyra, sitting on her stoop, all alone, in front of her seedy house. Art Direction! How I love you! Tim pulls up and walks toward her, his hotness amplified by the hot, hot setting sun blazing behind him. The Natural World! How I love how you understand Tim Riggins's hotness! Tyra snarks, "Lemme guess: old lady you were gettin' with dump you?" Tim wonders where she heard, and she replies, "Small town, Tim." She tells him that, in case he's wondering, "the ex-girlfriend is not here to screw your brains out." He insists he's just there to see if she wants to hang out as a friend. Tyra looks at him quizzically. She asks if he even knows what a friend is, and then tells him that a friend is "someone who's there for you, who helps you do what's best for yourself, who asks you to go out and do things." She pauses. "I have a friend." That's pretty irredeemably cheesy. Tim asks her to go to the roast with him and requests that they stop overthinking everything. I was not aware that "overthinking" was a problem that ran in either the Riggins or Collette families. Tim asks sweetly, "please?" and Tyra looks back at him, obviously won over for the moment.

Cut to a wood-panelled room, the kind in which all sorts of spaghetti dinner fundraisers and roasts would take place. Buddy gazes at his subdued daughter across the way. Coach catches Matt gazing at his dejected daughter. Tim and Tyra eat sausages together. Smash practices his "email" joke. Buddy gets up to the microphone and shouts "Hey everybody! We're goin' to State!" Master of the obvious as well as the home perm, apparently. He calls Eric up to the microphone to get the roast going. Shots of both Matt and Julie doing some hardcore eye-rolling.

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