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Of The Souls Of Strippers
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Smash and the other boycotting black football players stand in a group outside, being interviewed by the press. An African-American reporter asks Smash, who is clearly the group's representative, if they are lodging a protest against how black players are treated on the team. Smash says that it isn't really about the treatment but about "the attitude. Look, all we want is equality and respect." The reporter follows up, expositing that there are 16 black players on the team, which accounts for more than twenty-five percent of the team. He leads Smash a little, asking him if they think black players aren't getting enough opportunity to play. Again, Smash has to say, "No, it's not about that." The camera, ranging around, finds Corinna, who looks on her son with some reservation. Smash tries to explain that they are protesting "certain people in charge making assumptions about us based on our color." The reporter asks if they want Mac to be fired for his comments, and Smash says that that "would be a good start."

Cut over to the Panther football offices where another Random Guy in a Blue Shirt takes the name placards of all the players that are boycotting off the line-up bulletin board. Everybody is shaking their heads because the picture that emerges is that they basically don't have a team to put on the field on Friday. But Kyle Chandler's Hair won't stand for this sad sack group of coaches, so it stands up tall, rubs its hands together like it's got a plan. Coach Taylor: "What we're gonna do is we're gonna dip into JV." Wah wah waaah.

Cut to the field where Coach is trying to replace 180 pounds of pure power with 150 pounds of lank hair and acne. The JV kids are messing up all over the place, Coach is yelling in frustration. "Tyler! Tyler! Tyler! Tyler!" He's so incapable of understanding their stupidity on the field that all he can do is repeat himself. He calls Tyler over and sets himself to giving the poor kid a quiz: "What's your name? What's your grandfather's name? What's your mother's maiden name?" The kid answers each question correctly. Mumbling, but correctly. Taylor shouts, "How the hell can you remember all that and not remember the route I asked you to run?" Another play starts getting staged. Timmy Riggins is stepping the fuck up and shouting at these little weasel kids -- "Get yer head outta yer ass!" Matt calls the play, and Riggins get clobbered and freaks out on poor Taylor who was not where he was supposed to be and so not doing the blocking he was supposed to.

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