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Of The Souls Of Strippers

Speaking of glands. Tyra drives Julie presumably to the movie theater. Julie looks sour. Tyra asks if its okay if they stop at the Women With Low Self Esteem Palace before the movie because Ole Sis owes her cash. Now, if you were Tyra, wouldn't you demand to accompany your whore-y sister to the bank and watch her get clean dollar bills to give you rather than take whatever soiled cash she's got tucked in her g-string? Julie tries to play it tough and tells Tyra that "Yeah, sure, that's cool" but then looks out the car window with major trepidation.

Cut inside The Landing Strip, which is pretty funnily inoffensive what with this being network prime time and all. I guess I watch too much HBO, where strip clubs are pretty much required settings. I can't wait to get a peek inside the Mormon ones once Big Love comes back from hiatus. A brash lady wearing what could very well be one of the figure skating outfits Uncle Nick designed for Sasha Cohen on Project Runway brushes past Julie and honks, "I swear that son of a bitch grabs my ass one more time, I swear I'm gonna kick him in the head." Julie looks like she's standing in the middle of a pool of gonorrhea; she glances down and sees a necklace or some kind of chain draped over the back of the chair Tyra is sitting in. She reaches out and pinches the syphilis-coated chain between two fingernails and flicks it off to the side. Heh.

Julie's phone starts ringing. She checks and sees that it's Landry, which means that it's Matt, who has called three times that night already. Tyra tells her to wait until the fifth call, but Julie is not a Rules Girl, and just comes out and says it: "Tyra! I do like him." She answers the call and we cut to Matt in a car with Landry (gotta love these teens in cars; I'm rarely ever in a car these days, but it seems like I spent about four years nonstop in one back in the day). Matt scrambles when he realizes that Julie's actually picked up the phone. He says that he really needs to talk to her. Just then Sasha Cohen yells something about baby oil across the room, and Matt overhears it. Julie stutters that she's at "The Landing Strip. You know, the, uh, strip club." I love her ineffectual playing-it-cool moves. Landry can hear Julie through the cell phone and so he gets in on the action, "What'd she say? She say 'Landing Strip'?" Matt asks if he can stop by because he really needs to talk to her; meanwhile Landry appears to be stuttering to himself in joy and depravity.

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