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Of The Souls Of Strippers

Smash is in his room staring into space when his mom comes in and basically tells him that "this Mac MacGill thing? It's over, it's done, you hear me?" Smash tells her that he has to stand firm and be his teammates' leader. But Corinna has apparently been brushing up on her pragmatist thought, and she tightlips at her son: "You quittin' football to make a point about racism in a small Texas town? That ain't the Million Man March." She reminds her son that he's a teenager and that it isn't his duty to "teach a lesson to a buncha fools." She tells him that if he wants to get back at the Mac MacGills of the world, he needs to play like the star that he is, get recruited by a big time school, and get his degree. I'm glad to hear her not mincing words about Mac MacGill's racism (unlike some people have been, Eric), but not so happy to hear her sliding right back into the "football is your only ticket" that was part of the reason Smash got into steroids in the first place. But in any case, as she tells him to get himself dinner and then get into bed to rest for the game tomorrow, you can see the useless burden lift from Smash's shoulders, and that is nice. He wonders about everyone else who's planning on boycotting. She tells him that he's a leader and they will follow.

The Landing Strip. Landry is talking out his ass as they walk in, telling Matt that they need to act like they've been to a ton of strip clubs before, "Like her? Naked lady? No big deal." Matt just wants to get in and get out. Yeah, that's what all the nice boys say at The Landing Strip. Landry reminds Matt to "look 'em in the face, not in the rack" but trails off when he runs into Tyra in the back room. Landry is wearing his Crucifictorius t-shirt which I maintain SHALL BE MINE one day. Me and Landry share one thing in common: our delusional natures. Landry offers to buy Tyra a strawberry daiquiri, but she barely registers the fly buzzing in her ear. Finally, Ole Sis comes into the scene, one bikini'd boob hanging out of her stripper robe. Tyra tells her it took her long enough, "Why'd every song have to be a ballad?" Awesome. Ole Sis has a penchant for melodramatic stripping. My money's on "WantedDead or Alive," how about you?

Ole Sis notices that the dressing room of the strip club has turned into a student council meeting and reprimands her sister. Meanwhile, Landry is officially off the rails, as he asks Matt if he's got some singles he could lend him. Both Matt and Julie are totally confused, and Landry explains that it's "for tips, Matt, these women were out here working hard, Matt, what were you born in a barn, Matt?" The camera ranges around and catches the hard-workin' women nodding in agreement with Landry. Matt hands Landry a wad of singles and tells him to just get out of there. Landry asks if anyone wants any nachos. Maybe not nachos, Landry. My personal strip club favorite has always been the all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.

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