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Of The Souls Of Strippers

A bit of a time lapse. Back on the field, it's now early in the fourth quarter, the scoreboard says its 34 to 24, Dillon, but the announcers say that Dillon is up by four. Whatever. Matt hands off to Smash, again, who runs it into the end zone, fist pumping from about the final yard or so. He's fully slowed down and the play is over when Cardinal Number 1 comes out of nowhere and tackles the shit out of him. The announcers exclaim over the late hit, Smash gets up and tries to walk away, but the asshole follows him along, asking Smash if he liked that hit, "Huh? Huh? I'll break you in half. You hear that you lazy-ass tar baby? You hear me, Sambo?" Gee, I wonder what this guy's trying to insinuate? ["That's he's a racist from the '40s? 'Sambo'?" -- Joe R] Riggins, from his reaction shots, is hearing this go down. As Smash continues to try to ignore this hateful shithead, Riggins just rushes the kid and takes him down. The whole field erupts, both teams running onto the field. A shot of Coach Taylor hauling ass out there, and it's just really attractively manly how he goes out there to try to keep these kids from killing each other. Shots of people in the stands distraught over this bad sportsmanship, long shot of the huge brawl on the field.

Cut to the Panthers in some jenky-ass wood-paneled locker room, heads hung in silence. Outside, scary-loud "booos" echo. Coach Taylor and the Cardinal coach pace in silence on the walkway underneath the stadium. Insane Cardinals fans boo and throw shit over the side of the stands. A handsome man walks up to them briskly and introduces himself as from the athletic board. He declares that it's too crazy out there and he's calling the game, "Dillon wins." Coach Taylor is off like a shot to his boys, despite the Cardinal coach's crazytown shouting that they are going to play this game because it's their field. Taylor extricates himself from the bullying coach, who goes on to get up in the face of Mr. "Call Me" Handsome Athletic Board man.

Inside the Dillon locker room, Coach slams the door and shouts, "This is not who we are, this is not what we represent. I don't teach that crap." Riggins asks if they're out of the playoffs, and Taylor explains that ILL considers three full quarters a full game, and since they were ahead at the end of that, they've gotten the win. Some of the kids do silent fist pumps, but Coach screams at them that they are not to celebrate. He shouts that they need to wipe the smiles off their faces, get their gear, and get on the bus without changing. "We're gettin' the hell outta here right now."

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