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Of The Souls Of Strippers

"You know what it is? When there's one person who's involved with another person, and that first person is a person who gets in trouble, who gets suspended, who doesn't wear enough clothes....that first person starts hanging around with the second person, who happens to be a pretty darn good kid -- very smart, smarter than what I'm seeing right now -- and the second person who's with that first person starts going down the wrong path? That's a bit of a problem."

It's a Who's On First lesson for the low-rise jeans crowd. Throughout Coach's speech, Tami looks on in both horror at and stoic support of her husband's bumbling attempt. Meanwhile, Julie has clearly been crafting her misguided first draft of a college application essay where she talks about how "prejudice" doesn't just affect blacks or latinos, but also nice, white middle-class girls who are just trying to ho themselves up a bit. "Do you realize that this is the definition of prejudice? You guys are prejudging her. And, maybe if you guys weren't so prejudiced, sixteen of your players wouldn't have walked off your team." Oooo, low blow. Coach tells his daughter to watch her mouth, but she just blows out the door with the kind of smirk that simply begs for some wiping off.

At school, Jason explains to Tami that coming back to school was fine and all, but his invitation to try out for the national quad rugby team is, like, a big deal. He tells her that they only give out twenty-five invitations to hundreds of players across the country. He neglects to add that due to an unusual confluence of boredom, bonfires, and pick-up trucks that lead to lots of drunk driving accidents, Dillon is home to a goodly percentage of those players. Tami humors him and says that it "sounds like an amazing thing" but reminds him that he'll be missing a couple of weeks of school right in the middle of finals. Jason is all frozen smile on her, tells her he'll tackle all the work when he gets back and "if worse comes to worse, I'll just take the GED." Tami's face is very "An hour ago, I believed that at least two teenagers in this town weren't total retards. Now I'm not so sure." She asks Jason if maybe he isn't putting all his eggs into the quad rugby basket (like when Lyla overheard her mom saying her daughter was putting all her eggs into Jason's basket, which I don't know if I realized how pervy that sounds the first time around). Jason is refreshingly honest and teenaged as he grins a wide grin: "Yeah! That's pretty much exactly what I'm doin'. I'm puttin' every single one a 'em in."

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