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Of The Souls Of Strippers

Landry and Matt walk down the hallway as the bell rings. Landry is reassuring Matt, telling him that "nothing says 'I'm sorry' like a mix CD" but expresses ambivalence over the Bob Dylan Matt has put on there. Bob Dylan? Well, ex-cu-use me, Mr. High Culture Teen Track Listings. For me, in high school, a mix tape was not complete without at least one Drivin' 'n' Cryin' song on it. C'mon. Fly Me Courageous? Anyone? Anyone? They scurry into the cafeteria and walk up to Tyra. Matt stutter-asks if she knows where Julie is. Tyra takes one look at the boys and asks, "That's not what I think it is, is it?" and then tells Matt that he'd better not think he can trade a night in a hot tub with a bunch of rally girls for a five-cent CD with a bunch of sappy songs on it. Landry is the first to abandon ship, and as his friend turns to him he says, "I told you that wasn't gonna work." Heh. Landry sits down next to Tyra to "formally introduce" himself. Tyra could not care less. She suggests that they both "go back to your little lab...cook somethin' else up." Yes, I believe that would be the definition of Weird Science. Matt and Landry in a lab. Tyra gives Matt a hint: "Spend some money." Matt gazes, slackjawed. Landry, deluded, tells Tyra that he won't let her down. Tyra, because we're all playing true to type in this scene, is pretty much at absolute zero in terms of caring whether these two live or die.

The boys leave (Landry is wearing cargo pants tucked into combat boots, btw). Julie rushes up to Tyra and asks what they were talking about. Tyra brushes her off and asks if she wants to go to a movie tomorrow night. Julie, distracted, says sure, but she's clearly longing for an invitation to the Dork Lab.

Tim's in the cafeteria line with the crowd that's too dorky even for Dork Lab (seriously, if Dillon has nerdlings this extreme on its football team, I'd really hate to get a peek at the Model UN crowd). Tim shoots a playrunning question at Stager, who is played, Yahoo tells me, by one of the child actors from The Patriot, who is currently in the midst of a full-on Secondhand Lions-era Haley Joel awkward stage. Stager, all lank hair and acne, pauses and tells Tim that he knows the answer to his question, but Tim pauses before the pudding cups and turns to Stager saying "Too late. Play's over. You waited too long to make a decision, and we lost the game. We're not going to State, and the whole town of Dillon hates you. You're never gonna laid your entire life. Fact. How's that feel right now?" Oh, Timmy, I wish you'd ease up on the kid a bit and teach him about proper concealer use instead of this verbal abuse. The next kid down the line -- nerdy in a very Danny Strong sort of way -- offers "Man, you crack down your blocks you look for the quick toss...NEXT!" which causes Tim no small annoyance, not least because he's wrong. Tim tells the kid that if he wanted Nerd 2 to talk he would have spoken to him. Tim demands that Nerd 2 put down his lunch, and then as an afterthought, tells Nerd 3, he of the Two-a-Days hair, to put his down as well. The kids mope down the line in obedience.

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