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Of The Souls Of Strippers

Coming around the corner into the lunchroom, Tim tells the three to look at the table of African-American players. He tells them they're looking at a quitter. The four glare at the table as they walk by. We cut to Smash trying to quell dissension in his ranks. The black kids are worried about their positions getting taken over by the Nerd Herd and worrying over losing their chance at scholarships. Smash tells everyone to stay cool and reminds them that this is coming down to "who blinks first."

A meeting in Coach's office is wrapping up. Mac comes in and is agitated to have not been included. Coach says it was a defensive meeting and Mac points out that Coach Crowley isn't defense. Coach points out that Crowley brought the pork rinds. Your honor, I rest my case! Mac is still unconvinced that secret things aren't happening, but Coach isn't really having it. He tells his underling that he will hold meetings whenever he wants. Mac is getting exercised and wants to know what's going on behind his back. Coach raises his voice and tells him that he thinks it "was just about the stupidest thing you coulda done goin' around all 'blacks this,' 'whites that'." Mac yells that he apologized, and Coach tells him that the only thing wrong with his apology was that it was clearly bullshit. Mac looks a bit stunned and dead in the eyes but still continues to hold his stupid ground, saying that he's not scared if people are calling him a racist. Coach slams his hand on the table and tells Mac he should be scared because his termination is sitting on Coach's desk right now. Mac goes silent for a moment before storming out of the room.

Across town, a perfect establishing shot of a jenky old sign for a shop called "Gold Creations" against a background of criss-crossing electric wires. For the love of God, Friday Night Lights, never stop shooting on location. Inside, Matt and Landry banter over who was at fault in the great Cheap-o Mix Tape Gate while the nicest old lady salesperson looks on with one of those out-of-it grandmotherly grins. In my mind, I have this whole scenario where the FNL gang was out and about shooting real guerilla style and came upon this shop where this lady was the proprietress and got in and out real quick, giving the old lady the best day of her life, at least the best day since 1948 when, because she was a secretary working at a Texaco field office in Odessa and widely known to have the shapeliest legs in town, she got flown to New York City to appear on the Milton Berle-hosted Texaco Star Theater, where she wore sequins and spangles and sparkly high-heeled shoes and played the "straight man" to Milton Berle's boozy drag queen for a whole minute on television. Because sometimes what is in your head is so delightful, I will neglect to research whether or not the lady in "Gold Creations" is a real actress, or my lovely, fictional Bess.

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