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Black Eyes & Broken Hearts

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Of The Souls Of Strippers

So Landry lets something slip about he and Tyra and Matt realizes that Landry has some sort of delusion about getting together with Our Lady of Wrath. Landry tells Matt that stranger things have happened, and Matt replies that "no, stranger things have NOT happened." All the while, Little Old Bess is in the background with her little old smile just killing me dead in my seat. She asks if she can help them, and Landry tells her that Matt messed up. Bess wants to know "how bad didja mess up? Diamond bad? Or gold bad?" Landry stutters, "Di-diamond? How bout this one?" and points to a marquis-diamond ring -- a FREAKING engagement ring, sometimes Landry is just so damn out of it -- and Bess takes it out of the case. Just as Matt mutters that he only has fifty dollars, Bess tells them that the ring is $995. Landry switches gears like Jeff Gordon and tells Matt to forget about diamonds, "Think about the Africans." Bess shows them some pendants, and Matt picks a heart-shaped amethyst. She confirms for him that amethyst is February's birthstone, and she remarks that now "she'll know you remembered her birthday." He asks about the price, she says it is a hundred dollars, but conveniently enough, is half-price today, making it exactly the amount he has in his pockets. Oh, Bess! You've surely lived a life of joy.

Buddy Garrity walks through the assistant coach's office. He greets Mac and tells him that whatever happens, it'll work out. Then he proceeds to Coach's office and closes the door. Coach is watching game tapes, and Buddy sounds mournful as he starts asking Coach what the hell they are going to do with a team without any decent offense or defense. Coach turns to Buddy and tightlips, "I thought you said you had some constructive advice." Buddy tells Coach they won't win without Smash and the other guys, and then informs Coach that the Booster Club took a vote, and Mac has got to go. Coach lowers his voice and reminds Buddy that he's been friends with Mac for twenty years, that the team wouldn't be where it is without Mac, that "Mac MacGill is Panther Football." Buddy tries to approximate anguish, but only succeeds in getting to Applebee's Ran Out of Riblets as he tells Coach how distraught he is over the decision. Buddy says that he knows Mac isn't racist -- as if Buddy would be able to tell -- that it's all "just media crap." He again instructs Coach to get rid of him and they'll fix it later. Mac watches Buddy storm out of Coach's office, and then we close in on Coach, reclined into the corner of his office couch, Kyle Chandler's Hair raising its fists to the heavens and pleading, "Why hast thou forsaken me?! Why?!"

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Friday Night Lights




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