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The camera follows Coach through the hallways and into his wife's office, where a girl mouthbreathes something to Tami about being good at math. Tami is surprised at her husband busting in on her private conversation. He declares the he has "a guidance counselor emergency." Tami indicates that she's in a meeting, but he just repeats himself until the girl asks if he really wants her to leave. Yes, and yes. She shuts the door, and Coach immediately tells his wife that "everything hangs in the balance" on the answer to his question. He asks to talk to "the guidance counselor, not my wife." She obliges, telling her husband to sit down and clearly comporting herself as counselor. Coach explains that everyone is telling him to fire Mac, but he doesn't want to fire Mac. Tami asks what the question is. Coach is frustrated, but says the question is whether he should fire Mac MacGill. Tami asks what he said, and he lets his frustration out. But, as any good guidance counselor should, she suggests they review the events.

Coach reviews: Mac said that players like Smash -- Tami interjects "the black players" -- are naturally good at running the ball. Tami raises her finger and wonders if there wasn't another phrase in there. Coach elaborates on the "junkyard dog" comment. He continues, explaining that then Mac said players like Matt Saracen -- Tami interjects, "the white players" -- don't have the physicality. Pause. Tami: "Uh, huh...?" and then Coach finishes, saying, alright, then he said that white players are better creative thinkers making them better suited to lead. Coach frustratedly admits what a stupid thing it was for Mac to say. Tami is now ready to give him her official advice, and she does so with a quite cute flourish of her pointer finger: "As a guidance counselor, I have to say that that was a fireable offense. What he said." Coach pauses and then asks to talk to his wife, who cares about him and the team. Tami the Wife reminds Coach that his team is way more important to him than Mac MacGill. Still unsatisfied, Coach asks if there's anyone else he can talk to. Tami tells him he can talk to his friend. Tami the Friend tells Coach that the only thing that matters here is that he has to make a decision, and by not firing Mac he's condoning what he said. Coach goes into his "he's not a racist" contortions again, but Tami breaks it down for him saying that whatever he is, what Mac said is not for a coach to say, no less "for a government employee" to say. Coach gets up to leave and tells Tami that "the three of you scare me" before heading off screen and barking at the poor mouthbreathing girl that she can go back into Tami's office now.

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