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Of The Souls Of Strippers

At the Williams's house. Smash is outside lifting weights while Waverly keeps him company. Corinna is inside eavesdropping on their conversation through an open window. Smash is venting about being stuck between Riggins and the white boys hating him and all the black boys looking to him to save their asses. He wonders whether he should have ever walked off in the first place. Waverly blah blah blahs about him maintaining his dignity and blahblahblah, and sometime between this week and last week, I've totally changed my mind about Waverly in this story line. And the reason? Because she is BORING. I am a patient woman. You can have an episode where you are cute in your teenaged righteousness. But if you haven't by the next episode been caught doing something exciting (and, c'mon, teens, it isn't hard to do: drinking, smoking, stealing, having sex, take your pick) then, sorry, but you get the snooze button 'til the next episode. Smash calls Waverly Angela Davis -- showing that he is either not as ill-educated as we assume, or the writers just couldn't resist a good Frankfurt School reference, as she goes on and on about all the things he can do with his life.

Nighttime. Mac shows up at the Taylor front door. Tami answers the door while simultaneously answering our question about whether she'd look hot in ratty sweats. Cut to Very Special White Man Monologue as Mac tells Coach about his racist daddy. The MacDaddy loved bass fishing and Razorback football. Mac remembers that when "those poor girls tried to integrate Central down in Little Rock," the only thing that stopped the MacDaddy from going down there "with his Kiwanis boys" and "doing God knows what" was Mac's mom. Coach crosses his arms and platitudes, "Well, those were different times." Even Chandler's hair calls bullshit on that bullshit. Different times? The times when "doing God knows what" to TEENAGERS trying to GET AN EDUCATION was, like, just a hair's breadth away from an evenin' at the soda counter? Anyhow, Mac continues, saying that he never agreed with the MacDaddy but that he reckons if you're around that sort of thing long enough it sort of works its way into you.

Coach exposits that he all he knows is that Mac "is the one who integrated this team." Surprising. Not because Mac did so -- after all his racism is not at all out of line with wanting black players on his team -- but because nobody mentioned this on screen yet. Oh well. Mac tells Coach that he's just a simple man. He loves his girls, working in the yard, playing bridge whenever he can. Huh. Sounds a little less "simple" and a little more "pastel Miami." He finally accepts responsibility for messing up and then acknowledges part of the problem is the problem he has with Coach -- a guy ten years younger than he is (TEN years? Coach Taylor has certainly then made some sort of deal with the devil to be looking so good and only TEN years younger than Humpty Dumpty there) -- being his superior. He says that he loves the kids and knows they have a good shot at State. He hands Coach a piece of paper and tells him it's his resignation. Coach protests, but Mac just gets up and leaves.

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