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Of The Souls Of Strippers

Next day. Morning. Tami tells her husband that it'll be a little bit easier now that Mac has handed in his resignation. Coach is intense and says he knows "what's easy and what's right." He ticks off his own mental lists of the two, telling Tami that Mac is willing to give up his ego and half his pension even though he's devoted twenty years of his life to the program. Then he asks his wife, "But I still have to do what's right. Right?" She nods in agreement and we are left thinking that Mac is gonesville. But the funny thing about a character like Coach, with his schizophrenic head/hair combination, is that you never know what he's gonna do!

We follow Coach striding purposefully into a room full of reporters. They all shout and holler until he tells them that he'll talk when they stop. He says that it's a shame they're there when they should be thinking about the game tomorrow. "Which is exactly what we're gonna do cuz Mac MacGill is staying on as the offensive coordinator of the Dillon Panthers."

In the hallway, Tim catches up with Smash and asks whether "this is it, huh?" Tim can't believe that Smash isn't going to play, but Smash is standing his ground. Tim tries one last-ditch effort and tells Smash that if he needs to hear it, he'll say it: "We need you. We need our leader." Smash tells Tim to look in the mirror if he wants to see a leader. Tim blushes and demurs. Smash delivers a zinger, "Didn't you hear what Mac MacGill said? You white. You were born a leader."

Over at the house of I Went to Rehab and All I Got Was This Lousy Quad Rugby Storyline, Jason is packing for his trip to Austin with Lyla's help. He's is wearing his black hoodie up, in a sad attempt to get something up in his bedroom. Oooo. Low blow. He's all smiles, Lyla looks sad. He reminds her that it's only two weeks. She wants him to remind her why she can't drive him. The reasons are apparently because a) it's a long drive and b) he doesn't want her driving at night. Well, what's gonna happen, Legless, when the BABY is crying at night and she needs to DRIVE it around the block? Cut outside, where Herc is revving the engine as Jason and Lyla smooch through the window. Jason tells Lyla that he'll call everyday, and then Herc just pretty much puts the truck in reverse, breaking their awkward embrace. Herc says they need to "make like Tom and Cruise" which is just lame, and then declares that he has "several disreputable women waiting for me in Austin" which is, well, just realistic. Jason mouths that he loves her to Lyla, and the QuadMobile screeches away to the sounds of Herc's overactive "Wooo!" gland. Must be one of those little-known side effects of paralysis.

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