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Coach has Julie out on the street teaching her some plays. They are in the greatest father-daughter zone, where one is sharing some knowledge and the other is sincerely listening. As he mimes a play for her, Julie's little arm reflects his own arm's fake-toss of the ball as she tries to start creating a body memory for the play. A beautiful long shot of them out on their shabby suburban street. Tami comes out the front door just as they start to run a play. Coach calls to his wife, "Watch this, honey!" and runs toward the house. Julie throws the ball to him perfectly, and Tami whoops it up. Coach tells her that was pretty good, and Julie beams, "Pretty good?!" And they start all over. There simply are not words for how beautiful this scene is. Really.

Powderpuff Game! A moderate but rowdy crowd is gathered. Grandma Saracen is totally holding up a "Julie Quarterback" sign. Matt has his girls in a huddle and tells them that no matter what happens, they'll still be winners. Tyra rolls her eyes and snaps, "Puh-lease." In Tim's huddle, he tells his girls that "We will not accept a loss! We will not accept it!" Man, Tim and Tyra together would make one maneating Powderpuff combination. The game starts, and there's some squealing but also a fair amount of awesome trash talking and serious play running. Lyla makes a few decent plays, and we see that Buddy is there on the sidelines for her just as grossly as he is for the regular Panther games. Tyra makes a ferocious "tag" -- I mean as ferocious as you can get without tackling -- causing Tim to scream to his girls to get back in a huddle. Meanwhile, in the stands, Buddy goes up to whisper in Tyra's mom's ear. Tyra catches sight of them, and pretty soon we're really going to see ferocious, I bet. Tyra narrows her eyes. We cut to Lyla calling a play, and then we cut between Lyla in slow motion and Tyra busting towards her in Awesome Motion. Tyra tackles the shit out of Lyla, the music cuts out, and as she gets off Dillon's Favorite Brown-Eyed Girl, Tyra rips the flag off Lyla's belt.

Lyla hops up and whines that the game is supposed to be fun. Lyla asks if this is about Riggins, and Tyra guffaws before turning on her in a rage and telling her that she doesn't appreciate Lyla's dad, "Buddy Garrity with his dirty hands all over my mom, his employee." Lyla is innocent of all this, as usual. Tyra tells Lyla that she's just a spoiled little snob, and then with a big Amazonian finger in Lyla's face declares, "You're not going to win this game!" Yes! I love a girl with a real beef, taking it out in a petty way.

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Friday Night Lights




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