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Cut back to the game where Lyla motors toward Julie after a snap and grabs her flag just as Julie tossed the ball. Landry, the ref, calls it for Lyla, and Coach, from the sidelines yells out, "Son, you're blind!" Tami, in the stands just behind her husband, tells him to calm down, but Landry is approaching Coach and requesting him to "stay off my line." Coach can't believe that this Lance kid is talking to him like that so he asks "What'd you say to me?" Landry gets in his face and holds up a yellow flag in his face. Tami rolls her eyes.

Matt has his girls in a huddle, telling them that this is their chance, they can either go home with a tie or go home with a win. Julie hesitantly suggests they go with the "25 right spring option" and then sort of smiles to herself. Matt looks at her like she is the piece of his heart he's been missing all these years, and we cut to the play. Julie calls the play, the ball gets snapped, and she runs with it. She takes it down the sidelines, really hustling, everyone is screaming, Matt is hopping down the sidelines next to her, cheering her on. She's got all the girls on the field packed up just behind her, but she motors it right into the endzone, where Matt is waiting for her to leap on him in celebration. Cutest scene ever. Coach looks on in wry approval; Tami laughs in joyful disbelief. Shot of Tim walking off, pissed, and Landry running up to him, getting in his face and blowing his whistle and doing the touchdown arms. Then cut to Lyla wandering off by herself as the winning team celebrates behind. Suck it, snobby!

At the Hole in the Wall bar, the Xtreme Wheelchair guys are hanging out, playing pool, and drinking beer when Herc and Jason roll up. Lots of jostling and joking, and then Herc announces that "as a designated member of the National Quad Rugby Squad" he's informing Jason that he's invited to participate in quad rugby training camp in Austin. Jason doesn't believe it, but they're all nodding yes, it's true. So can you tell me whether it is also true that there are apparently at least four members of the national quad rugby team living in the vicinity of Dillon, Texas? I mean, I know they do lots of stupid stuff down there, and drinking and driving and getting paralyzed is maybe one of those things....but....really? Anyhow, Herc tells Jason how intense and hard training camp is, but that at the end of it the coaches will evaluate him and he might get on the national team and then be "Beijing-bound. That's China." I'm really working up against the deadline here or else I'd spend some more time bitching about this storyline. I think you'll be fine to fill all that in for yourselves.

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Friday Night Lights




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