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Cut to an office where Corinna Williams is being told that her pre-approved loan has not been approved. Corinna wonders aloud if her rejection has anything to do with her being a single parent or with the little box she had to check indicating her race. The loan officer assures her that box is to ensure prevention of racial discrimination but Corinna isn't buying it. Smash asks to talk with the lady's supervisor and she tells them it won't make a difference. She says she'll leave the supervisor a message, and Smash starts getting worked up, saying they are there and they want to speak to a supervisor right now. He raises his voice and Corinna gets up and moves in real close to her son and says some chilling words of advice: "It's not gonna do anybody good to get crazy. Look around you. Look at all these eyes on you, waiting, expecting you to do something violent. Become that 'junkyard dog' of MacGill's, nuh uh." I wonder where this lady is to give advice to the Guaranteed Black Violence kids cast on The Real World? Or to the Guaranteed White Jager Sluts, for that matter. They leave the office.

Jason is in his room looking at Quad Rugby Porn. Lyla comes in still dressed in her football jersey. She asks if she can ask a question, and Jason cuts her off "Yes. You do look super hot in that football jersey." From Quad Rugby Porn to Powderpuff Porn. This kid likes it athletic style. But Lyla is serious: she wants to know if he thinks she is a spoiled snob. Jason is taken aback and pauses before chuckling and answering, "A little." He wants to know who said something to her, but he clearly isn't taking her hurt feelings seriously. He excitedly tells her about getting invited to training camp, and about the possibility of making the team and going to Beijing. Lyla is like "wha, wha?" and asks what about school. Jason tells her that he's not into school, that he's not fitting in, that he's going to get his GED in a couple of months. He basically doesn't let her get a word in edgewise, and I look forward to the day where we see this girl really start kicking some ass and taking some names. She's just been a punching bag this whole episode.

Cut to the school gym where about forty kids, max, are sparsely arrayed on the bleachers. Tami tells them that they're there to just talk about race relations at the school. She asks for comments. The reparations joke kid raises his hand first and stands up to say that "when it comes to white and blacks...we just...we just different." A disaffected white kid off to the side says "that's a gross generalization," and Tami steps in to say that this isn't a debate, and I am just cringing in knowledge of where this "forum" is going to go. Tami should remember her own advice about kids being stupid. Anton continues, saying that blacks just "naturally go it our own." Not helpful, Anton. But Tami is all about confirming these kids, and so that's what she does. Landry raises his hand and she calls on him. Landry thinks it all has to do with how they are socialized, and cites "science" which says that his DNA can be closer to a black person's in Kenya than a white person's sitting next to him. Tami declares this "interesting."

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Friday Night Lights




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