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Waverly raises her hand and reminds everyone that people say stuff like Mac said all the time, but the problem is that no one is willing to acknowledge racism....and just then Troublesome White Guy calls out from the top row that Waverly shouldn't get her "panties in a twist" which, rightly, causes one of the African-American kids to tell Troublesome White Guy that he doesn't have the right to interrupt people, and then it just devolves into cacophony with various mean-spirited things being tossed around the bleachers, everyone's voices raised, Tami having to walk up into the bleachers to try to command the kids to sit down and calm down. During this, Smash starts walking into the gym, pausing to witness the utter chaos.

Mac is watching game tape alone. Smash walks in, says hi, and then says that they never got a chance to talk about how Mac "may or may not perceive black players..." but there Mac cuts him off, telling him that what he perceives -- other than football -- is none of his business. Smash says he just wants to have a dialogue. Mac tells Smash to save his dialogue for his mommy. I do like the contrast between the guidance counselor way and the football coach way. Conclusion: neither one works. Mac really roars out at Smash -- hey, kinda like a junkyard dog! -- and tells the kid that he's not about to be interrogated by some "too-big-for-his-britches teenager." Smash keeps trying to interject to get Mac to explain himself, but Mac continues, insisting that if he hears Smash or anyone else "whining," Smash will be warming the bench on Friday. Smash says Mac can't do that, and for once, Smash is right, but Mac continues in his own deluded way, snaps off the projector, and storms out of the room.

Tami comes home to her husband. She immediately sinks into the couch, and he kneels behind it, reaching his hand to her head. She exhales and says, her voice cracking "Well, it didn't go very well, honey." She is so upset. She tells him that he should have seen the kids yelling at each other and calling each other names. Her chin is quivering, and I'm getting very emotional. She mourns that "it's real hard to make a change around here." Eric looks at her with total love and admiration and tells her that she has to know she is an example to aspire to. He tells her that she gives them the opportunity to express themselves because she is "always there to listen to them...they know they can trust you. That's a rarity." She reaches up and strokes his face, and then he clinches the bawling when he says, "You're my wife. And I'm damn proud of you." Sobbing. What a team. I love their team. They've got the best team in Dillon.

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Friday Night Lights




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