Friday Night Lights

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DMX shakes me briefly out of my sobbing as we see Smash sitting in his room with DMX doing some very humorous rap-praying before launching into a series of "Unh! Unh! Unh!" Quite pious. Close up of Smash looking introspective, and then cut to the exterior of a church where Smash and Waverly welcoming all the black football players (presumably, it's not like we know any of them) and then Waverly leaving Smash with the keys to the church. As she leaves, she smiles back at him. He looks after her with some trepidation. He's clearly a bit conflicted about what he's doing. He feels good to be bringing part of his community together, but he knows that it will come at a cost. Tough choices.

Cut to the next day. Smash suited up for practice. Matt runs after him and tries to bring up the disastrous forum. Matt starts to suggest that they get the team together, but Smash has made his tough choice and can't go back now. He brushes Matt off saying, "I'm really not in the mood for chatting right now." Coach calls the boys over and then passes it over to Mac. Mac instructs the boys to get on the line and then blows the whistle. Half the team launches into a sprint, but half stays on the line. We see the half that doesn't move is the black half. Coach looks on, but with his sunglasses on and his hat muting his hair, we don't know what he's thinking. Mac asks if they're deaf and calls the spring again. This time, all the black players take their helmets off and stare back silently. Mac whistles again, and this time Smash turns and walks off the field. His "boys" follow him, and Coach just raises his hands helplessly to his head and we cut to black.

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Friday Night Lights




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