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Meanwhile, in the background, Assistant Coach Black Man is whispering something in Coach's ear, which, Lord did it take this guy a long time to get over to Coach. Karen continues by "repeating" what Mac said back to him, "Let me get this straight. Whites like Saracen make better quarterbacks because they are smarter." Mac: "You want to put it that way, you could." Ooof. Then, because he isn't satisfied with an "ooof," Mac goes for the "groooannn" when he says "Now, I'm not saying all black guys are dumb..." and just then Coach finally comes up and says he needs to talk to Mac. The reporters beg for another question, but Coach leads Mac off, and as they go we overhear Mr. Cub Reporter mutter to Karen: "Think you got your story." She's not the only one around here.

Uninspiring credits. Drive-by camera. It sure has been grey in Dillon lately. Panther Football radio VO discussion of what the hell Mac MacGill was talking about. The host says that he didn't use the word "monkey," he said "junkyard dog." Um, hooray? Another guy calls in to say that what he said -- no matter what his words were -- was that blacks are not human, that they don't think before they act, that they are animals. Cut to the Taylors in the car, everyone looking rather green. Here's some green folks, for you, Mac! A lady caller proposes that if Mac is saying that kind of nonsense in public, just imagine what he's saying behind closed doors.

Cut to the Williams family driving along -- Smash in the front seat, girls in the back. Smash shakes his head and wonders why everyone's is so mad at Mac. "He says dumb stuff sometimes." Sheila snarfs from the back seat, but their mom cuts their argument off before it starts, saying "we got bigger things to worry about" as they drive along a neat suburban street lined with little single-family homes. They pull up to a lady leaning against a car and then we cut inside a house where the kids run around excited about all the closet space. Corinna tells them to calm down, that they don't own any of it, and the real estate agent says that could change if she submits the bid they discussed. Corinna is conflicted, worried about what would happen if she got sick or one of the kids got injured. The kids seem disappointed and Corinna says, wryly, that she shouldn't have brought them along. Then she smiles, "It is nice, isn't it?"

Cut to Tami in her office putting the screws to Julie and Tyra who apparently have been skipping class. Julie says she only skipped once, but Tami says she knows she's skipped three classes. Julie squirms a bit more saying it was only P.E. Tyra fake-apologizes and promises not to do it anymore, but Tami isn't buying it. She tells the girls that they can't miss even one more class the rest of the semester and that, to make up the classes they missed, they'll both be playing in the Powderpuff game. This finally gets the two morose blondes' attention as they both start stuttering and shaking their heads. Tami says practice starts that afternoon.

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Friday Night Lights




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