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Coach comes through a little bit and reminds Mac that it's not just "sons a bitches" that are complaining. Mac will. Not. Let. It. Drop. and angrily asks Coach "So you're telling me you think Matt Saracen has as much natural ability..." but Coach cuts him off, "What I am saying" -- here Mac might take some pointers in the art of allowing or not allowing people to put words in his mouth -- "is that it's not smart to make generalizations about people based on their color. Think about that." Geez, when you put it that way, Coach, it sounds like the kind of thing you should have learned WHEN YOU WERE SEVEN. Mac, looking down, says "Alright, alright" but then says that what's done is done and no apology is going to change that. Coach screws up his face and leans in a bit, "I'm not making' a request," turns on a dime and leaves. Wow, that one was almost as hott as Tim's "let's go" with the added bonus of being an ethical statement. You know you're in your thirties when you can get hot and bothered about a man doing the right thing.

We cut over to a diner, and I realized this episode that I've been calling every place that isn't Applebee's the Alamo Freeze. But I don't think this is the Alamo Freeze, but it also isn't Applebee's, ISN'T THIS FASCINATING? I think I just realized why I haven't before bothered with figuring out the distinctions. Also, I guess the vague "diner"ness of some of the places they hang out in is due to their shooting on location; they can't be guaranteed to be able to shoot in the same diner over and over, I suppose. WOW. It just keeps getting more exciting in these recaps.

So. Food place. A bunch of kids are in one. Waverly is savoring a big piece of chocolate cake. Smash teases her about sharing and she says she thought he was on a special diet. Yes. A diet of lies. Smash says that his diet calls for "No sweets. 'Cept sweet chocolate." Waverly pushes the cake towards him because she loves setting up an easy insinuation, which Smash delivers, telling her "I wadn't talking about the cake" and then leans in and starts kissing her neck. Excuse me, I need to go to the hospital for the whiplash I just received watching their relationship go from nothing to necking so quickly.

The camera swings around as Waverly giggles in pleasure and focuses on Matt, who is sitting with Landry bemoaning his stupid decision to pick Julie third for his Powderpuff team. Landry starts talking about pheromones, but Matt says there isn't a smell in the world that will make Julie not hate him. Landry continues, suggesting that since Julie likes her dad, maybe Matt should find out what kind of soap Coach uses and go out and buy some. Matt tells his friend that he's retarded, and we cut away from Goofus and Gallant (or should that be Goofus and Dopey?) when The Galoot calls attention to Mac on the television in the corner of the diner.

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Friday Night Lights




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