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Tim walks over to turn the volume up, and all the kids go quiet, gazing up at the set. Mac is issuing an apology that is basically an "apology" of the most expected sort. He says all the Panther players contribute to the team regardless of color (did he ever insinuate that they didn't? No, this is the red herring portion of the apology), that his comments were not intended to hurt anybody (this is the four-year-old "But, Mom! I didn't mean to!" portion of the apology), and that he apologizes if those comments did hurt anybody (aaand, I guess this is the date rape defense portion of the apology.), and then that's it. The camera cuts around and shows a few African-American kids shaking their heads in disbelief, while some of the white kids just sort of look uncomprehending. One of the black kids says, "You call that an apology?" and Tim asks if that wasn't an apology than what was? Coming from the kid with the abusive parents, I'm pretty sure Tim only recognizes an apology if it hits him in the face.

One of the white kids declares that it wasn't like Mac was yelling out racist slurs or anything, and now Waverly weighs in. I think Waverly's responses are really nicely written, because though we know that she is obviously a smart girl, she can't quite articulate a convincing argument, mainly because she is smart and feels the frustration of this sort of subtle injustice pretty deeply. She claims that if they were "up at UT, he'd be fired." The white kid mutters that they're lucky Mac hasn't been fired, and Waverly lashes out in anger and teenaged inarticulateness: "Yeah, that's because you're white and obviously selfish." Smash tries to intervene to cool things down, saying that "it' ain't that deep," and another African-American kid jokes about Mac having to "pay out reparations to all the negroes in Dillon," and white and black boys together chuckle. Waverly is pissed that they aren't taking the situation seriously and gets up to leave. Smash calls after her that they're just playing and she fires back, "Yeah, well enjoy your sandbox, boys." A feminist, too? This girl is not long for Dillon.

Tyra and Julie saunter down the hall bitching about having to participate in Powderpuff. Tyra is pissed that Tim "has the gall to pick that bony, little..." and Julie, seeing that the "bony, little" one in question is immediately in front of them, interjects loudly, "Lyla!" to prevent Tyra from finishing her own sentence with the same word. As they walk by, Lyla offers to Tyra that Buddy says that Tyra's mom is doing really well on the job. Tyra swings around in mid-stride and snarks back about maybe her mom getting her own dealership someday. Julie looks totally scared that the gloves are about to come off. I look totally psyched that maybe the gloves are about to come off. Tyra swings back around to keep walking, and Lyla clenches her mouth and calls after her: "I was surprised to see you on the field today. I thought you hated football..." The thing is, is that Lyla's got her mouth all tough-chicked out, but she isn't saying anything remotely tough. This whole scene, I really wanted Lyla to come back with something really biting and awesome; not because she could ever even remotely approximate Tyra's awesomeness, but simply because Lyla needs to embrace the inner bitch, and quick. Tyra, though, is BFF with the inner bitch, and she swings back around with Julie by her side and smarms that she's changed her mind and is "goin' to get reaal into Powderpuff this year."

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