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Tyra and Julie walk past Smash and Waverly and the camera stays with the latter pair. Smash is offering to "jack up Grier for disrespecting" her. Waverly tells Smash that that isn't the issue, that she's pissed that Smash doesn't seem to care about what Mac said. Smash tells her he's no Jesse Jackson, and that his "cause is football." He tells her that Matt and Riggs don't get up on a soapbox "every time a brother says something messed up." She tries to introduce him to the concept of structural racism by reminding him that "that's a completely different situation," and he tries to introduce her to the concept of dumbassery by telling her that her recognition of differing effects is "racist right there."

He says she is expecting him to act differently because he's black, and she responds quite eloquently that "that's the burden you were born with" and then adds, putting a hand to his face, "the burden and the blessing." Now that's just a little too corny in the vein of what happened to Common post-Erykah Badu. Smash reminds Waverly that he just got through with some major drama -- wait, so does she know about the 'roids? There are just a few too many plot holes when it comes to these two -- and he's "just getting [his] swagger back." He says he just doesn't have the wherewithal to get all worked up over things that are out of his control. A reasonable stance, I would say. Which doesn't make hers any less reasonable on its own terms. Geez, ethics. Why don't you get easier? Waverly says she knows he's going through a lot but that "sooner or later, you're going to have to peek out from behind those blinders."

Jason is strapping a knife to his hand. Good ole' biology class. His dissecting partner looks on in silent dismay. He tries to banter with her a bit, but it doesn't distract her from his obviously horrifying inhumanity. He starts jabbing the knife at the frog, and she immediately offers to do it. He says he just needs a minute. The teacher comes over to point and laugh at the cripple. He tells Jason that he can just observe as that is "all anyone expects" anyhow. Jason pauses, clears his throat, and tells the assface that he's going to finish the incision. I'm sure that whatever Jason does to this frog will be nothing but elegant compared to me and my classmates' wing-nutty serial killer approach to the same assignment.

Cut to Tim Riggins hamming it up as Powderpuff coach, calling out orders to his "ladies," who do push-ups, sprinting drills, and the like all with Tim shouting things like "Nice execution!" and "Let's go! Let's go!" Tyra and Julie, on the other side of the field with their team, look on as Tim's team kicks ass -- Tim shouting "We are a team of one!" -- and then back to their own team, where their quarterback Laurel (Matt's fateful number two pick) giggles and stutters when she calls the play and then promptly fumbles the snap. Tyra marches over to Matt, dwarfing him in size of course, and yells at him that he needs to figure out what he wants them to do. She points out how much better the other team looks, and then we cut back to a practice montage, this time set to a cutesy Beth Thornley song.

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Friday Night Lights




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